20 02 2010


Wide Pullups...perfect for a strong back


My Buddy Chucks diet ………………….this keeps you lean and mean, providing you are working your butt off at the GYM…this is a diet for serious weight lifting with 5 hours cardio a week

Exactly. Every 2 hours is key.
Then you don’t have sugar spikes. Thats when cravings and reaching for high fat carbs and /or sugars happen.

THIS IS NOT A RUNNERS DIET>  This is for body building.  You need to increase the carbs by 20-30% and get rid of 20-30% of the protien for distance training

6am – 8 egg whites (carton) with chopped portabello mushrooms, peppers, spinach. 2 slices whole wheat toast – Water
8am – Banana, watermeleon – water
10am – Apple, handful of Almonds – water
12 – lunch – Chicken breast (Cooked night before with dinner), water
also forget to add with lunch also, mixed bean salad (Black bean, Fava, Lima, Lentil, kidney) with Spinach, raw carrots
2pm – Blueberries, Walnuts, water
4pm – florets of raw broccoli, Grapes or yogurt, water
6pm dinner – Salmon, Veg stir fry, Sweet potato, water

8pm snack – almonds and multi grain cherrios with skim milk




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