“He never said it would be easy….He said it would be worth it”

21 02 2010

Every time i do something thats a bit tough, i remember a friend of mine telling me….”if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.”  The same friend would tell me ,when i whinned about particularly difficult things occuring in business, “arent you lucky its so tough?, it gives you an advantage as others wont want to do it”    he used to drive me crazy with this stuff.  now looking back i can see how right he was……..the more challanging the more rewarding.  the more difficult the more oppurtunity.

Im heading out for a long run now.  Minimum of 20 km but possibly 50 km…………..i dont know.  i dont put that pressure on myself.  I wont stop today because it gets “tough” or i get tired.  I ll only be carefully listening to my body and if i feel something is going on which will cause me issues in my training going forward.

What im doing differant this time is i am enjoying the journey.  Its not the Death Race that will be the most exciting part ( well maybe it will be) but the dicipline and perserverance required to do the training day in and day out.  This is what will have a profound impact on me.

Running when im tired.  Running in the rain. snow, ice, cold, heat, hills,

Getting up at 4 Am to get in a run as i have other commitments that day…running late at night as i had a busy day……….running after flying for hours to another city, country…………………………these are what will make me a stronger and hopefully better person.

I run more for the mental and spiritual change in me than the physical.

im glad its not easy!  make it tough!  bring it on, i can handle it.

It will be worth it!




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