Know how to listen to your body

23 02 2010

The hardest lessons for me were to listen to my body and learn when to slow down.  The difficulty is knowing if you truly have a possible injury developing, or are you just not feeling up to it as you’re a bit sore and tired.  Is it the Truth or is it an excuse?

This was the beginning.  Looking for an excuse to take and extra break or day off.

Now its the opposite.  I’m always trying to downplay a potential injury or signs of over training so i can “get a few miles in”  When i have to take a day off i think several times during that day how great it’d be to get out for a run.  Like tonight for example.  I ran a 6 km this morning on the tread mill and hit the Abs after a good stretching session, by the time i did a few sets of biceps i was empty……..the 45KM Sunday was showing it had an impact on my body……….I did 250 m in the pool and called it a morning.  Now that may seem like a good work out and it would be if i wasnt scheduled to do “Two a Day” once a week to get used to the muscles working when fatigued later in the day.

So tonight I thought I would go to the running room and run with the group for a fast 6km.  By 430 I just didn’t feel up to it.  I was running on empty and have to be up at 5AM so i said no.

So the question is………….is this an excuse or is it a valid interpretation of what my body’s saying?  I believe the latter.  I made the right decision.  Only 5 hours sleep.  huge miles last week and the previous 3 weeks.  Upcoming travel.

In the past I would have barely thought about it and id just have been there.  in the past i missed ALOT of training time with injuries.  I’m training for an amazing run! 

The Canadian Death Race!    I’ve read about it.  Studied the course.  Asked questions.  Developed a plan.  Im acting S.M.A.R.T.

Think SMART whenever you structure your important goals.  Always make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-related. 

The first time I thought of trying to run the Ultra Marathon i trained hard all the time without listening to what my body was trying to say and this  brought  injury.

 This time I allowed an 18 month program which gradually increased, peaked, decreased a bit and now increases a gradual 5-10% a week in mileage.  This time I am allowing myself to get proper rest and nutrition. 

Above all this time I am listening to my body in an honest evaluation as to whether or not I train or not.  At what intensity and for how long.

Im currently reaping the benefit of a healthy training program.





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