The way to start

23 02 2010


Stretching after a minus 10C 35 km run

I cant really advise anyone any better that wants to start seriously running then to join a “Running Room”.  John Stanton found a successfull business model with his trendy and cool stores catering to the new class of recreational  runners and in the process has now helped thousands across the starting lines of many a Marathon. 

The advice of the Running Room Employees, Stantons books and training schedules were invaluable to me once i became serious and really wanted to “learn to run”

Id been running my whole life.  Even a bit of track in high school.  I mean how hard is it to run?  You simpily place one foot in front of the other and repeat.  In order to go faster you move your feet faster.  Correct?  Well apparantly thats not the case.

On this Blog site i plan to showcase various training models and scheduled from accomplished athletes to rank amateurs  and as most things in life you need to pick what works right for you…………….but there is absolutely no better way to start then with a Running Room …….if you are in Canada…………….if you arent…..Order his books on line “Learn to Run”  John Stanton

My schedules will appear and i will comment on how ive been hurt and how i needed to adapt my training, diet, nutrition, gear, attitude, lifestyle and even my mechanics of running to avoid further injury.

From march of 2009, i have started a training program that i devised by mixing several others together which will take me to the town of Grande Casche Alberta to run the notorious a 126 km run up and down mountains and hills, through the woods, across rivers and into the night.   To date this trianing has had a profound effect on my life but i suspect it is about to have a far greater impact as my schedule becomes more intence and all consuming!

So stay tuned.  Welcome to the new Extreme Chefs running blog.  Enjoy the stories.  Send your comments, beliefs and criticisms, and i hope to inspire you to want to release the runner in you……………we were all Born to Run!




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