27 02 2010


Its Feb 24 I take a flight from Toronto to Vancouver.  The energy on the plane and in Vancouver airport is electric.  Tonight it is team Canada and Russia in a must win game.  Im a bit sad boarding my flight to Nanaimo as its hard to leave the excitement….wishing I was watching that game live tonight!

I take my 13 minute flight over to the Island.  Man Canada is so beautiful.  The mountains with snow-caps, the ocean aqua blue and clear.

I am in my running gear with-in an hour from picking up my bags from the carousal!  A few questions to the concierge (who didn’t have a clue where to run) and I set off along the waterfront, Seawall.  Im staying at the coastal Inn.  I like it there as it’s got a nice little gym, a great Spa, and it’s right on the water.

I set off in a cool drizzle.  It’s foggy and about 11C.  It’s nice for me.  Warmest weather in 3 months. 

My legs are tight…..really tight.  Sore calves, sore hip flexors.  I never do well flying.  I was on the back of the bus.  Even though I have Super Elite status with Air Canada, the difference in ticket price was too much to justify.  I wasn’t going to use my Red Super System wide upgrade certificates for this flight.  I ll need them for a more punishing trip.

So I run for 10 minutes and walk a bit sipping water…..delicious Nanaimo water!

I have a trick for tight calves though.  Don’t push them hard.  Warm them up and then find a small hill.  Once you do a hill or two they seem to stretch out.

Im at the 3.5 km mark and feeling great both physically and spiritually.  Im down by the Ferry terminal…..I take a few wrong turns and end up on a beach……………..I hesitate as there is a sign saying that the beach may get covered at high tide, hmmm sounds like the Advocate “Run like Moses, run”

I jog a couple hundred meters down the hard packed beach and voila!  A path heading up into the forest.  I start up.  I can tell its going to be a climb all the way.  Perfect.  I wanted to hammer my Quads a bit.  It’s a really spectacular little trail and im a bit disappointed when I arrive back on the main road, “Departure Bay Drive”…………I continue forward down the road and realize that indeed I am going down…hmmmmmmm, that means I ll have to come back up.  I was hoping to hit some hills, but be careful what you wish for!

I run down into a small community by the water and decide at 7.5 km I should turn back.  Man that is a hill!  About a 1 km climbs.  Nice.  My Quads and Glutes will be sore tomorrow.  Im thrilled when I get back to my little trail back through the woods.  Its fast and slippery running down.

A light rain, a muddy hilly trail with roots and rocks.  This has to be good training for my Death Race! 

I m going back fast.  Easily fast.  Hitting 4:20-5:00 / km pace.  Legs are definitely feeling it, but it’s a great run.  Rain stops.  Sun comes out and the tops of the mountains appear from the mist.

Wow.  What a beautiful country.  What a great pastime running is.  I get healthy while im enjoying myself.  So luck to have these opportunities in life.  I can’t imagine another life.

Where will my next adventure take me?




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28 02 2010
Joan Czapalay

Your runs are inspiring to others, too. Stefan. And you are right about the beauty of this country! I am so glad that you are enjoying it all.

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