LSD……..Long Slow Distance

28 02 2010


My favorite day of the week is Sunday.   I worked many Sundays for years in the restaurant days.   Now most Sundays can find me waking up early.  having a coffee and oatmeal and going out for a long run.  I generally take fridays off, and run a 6 km Steady Run on saturdays so Sunday mornings my legs feel good. 

The trick to LSD runs is to run them as slow as possible.  These runs are meant to teach the body to take its fuel from fat instead of the more readily accessible but in far less supply, energy from the muscles.  More importantly, this run conditions the body to endure the long time speant onyour feet in  a Marathon or Distance race.

For me i found it difficult to slow down my pace.  especially after the first 8-10 km when i am fully warmed up and i want to fall into my natural 5:15 to 5:30 distance pace.  What i had to do instead of focusing on the speed is to focus on my heart rate.  I found it much easier to watch my heart rate and keep it under 65-70% of its maximum.  When i run a t a heart rate of 135 – 140 i can continue running for an extremely long period.  it also gives me a cusion for the accent of a hill where my heartrate will spike.  Instead of spiking from 150-172, it will spike from 135-155. 

When i run a quality Sunday run it sets me up for the remainder of the week to be successful.

I try and focus on all of the necessary types of runs in my training where as before i would just run.  I try and have a mix every week of tempo runs, hills, steady runs, recovery runs and a longslow distance run.

I try and remain focused on to what is the purpose of each run or training session, so that i get the maximum benefit from it.

Tonight i have an inflamed ankle so ive been icing and i’ll have to evaluate how much distamce i can put on it tomorrow.   I hope i can at least put in a 28-30. 

For me the Long Slow Distance run on Sundays is the most important run of the week. 

Tomorrow we will video several legs of the run and discuss caloric intake and hydration




3 responses

28 02 2010

Thanks for the reminder of the value of running a long slow distance, well slow! I was able to run near race pace last year building for a marathon, but I’m taking it easier this time around until some issues with my knees calm down.

28 02 2010

I wish you the best of luck. By 8 weeks out from a Marathon im running at race pace or at least 90% on my 32 km runs, however it really pounds the body. I am hooked on running slow on the LSD’s and keep the body healthy for the quality runs during the week. Have you ever taken omega 3 capsules? im doing a blog on this item this week. they saved my knees with their incredible ability to lubricate. Omega 3 from fish source not plant!

1 03 2010

I’ve been taking Omega 3 on and off, but I’m going to be a little more dedicated now. Orthotics plus quad/leg strengthening couldn’t hurt either!

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