The Recovery Run

2 03 2010

Part of my preperation for this huge race in August   is to carefully follow my program.

Sundays i run my Long Slow Distance run which puts a huge amount of stress on my body so i take mondays off to allow recovery.  The LSD run is a very very slow pace for me about  a 6:15/km pace which is 10-20% below my marathon pace and this keeps my heart rate in the 60-65% of maximum.

Tuesdays i try and do a “twice a day” which means i run in the morning and again at night.  Tuesday mornings i try and run a Recovery Run which is a Steady Run pace which is about a 5:45/km pace and keeps my heart rate at a 65-75% of maximum pace.  This run is meant to stretch out the tired muscles and prepare me for the rest of the week. I also use this run to evaluate my body.  I go through a bit of a check list of my mechanics: “how are the knees?” “how are the ankles/, the back?, the hams, quads, IT Band?  Gluts, calves, shins?”   I run slowly increasing the speed slightly every 5 minutes.

 I generally use this time to run the tredmill and get in a good strength training day, a long stretching session and a good swim ( 250 meters to 500 meters)   If my body mechanics feel good at this point then i set my sights on another 6-8 km run with my group at the Running Room at 630 pm.   This is very good for the mental aspect as well as physical.  I have a good run in and know in my mind all day that i will run again in 12 hours.  I had better be able to deal with this seeing as i ll be running for 18 hours or more on the Death Race.

This is an excellant way for me to start my week.  It also doesnt fatigue my legs too much and allows me to be ready for my wed run which i find the most difficult run of the week.  15 – 20 km at tempo OR Hill training!

Remember eat well.  eat often.  never feel hungry and never feel full.  thats the secrete to good nutrition and to avoid gorging on unhealthy choises through the day.

See tomorrow s video on Hill running at 530 AM




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