The Canadian Death Race….2010…………..126 km

3 03 2010

Training is going well.   My first part of the program was in march 09 when i started to run seriously again after a 3 year break ( i did train half heartedly in that period).  This was brutal.  I was overweight at 102 kg!  I was tired all the time.  I was working 80 hour weeks.

I went at it like a mad man, and lost 9 kg in 60 days.  I was ru nning and hitting the gym hard.  changed my eating habits completely.  In July i ran my first Marathon in 4 years and it was very very tough!  4 hours 18 minutes is not a good pace for me with my PB of 3 hours 28 in Philly 2005……………………..this simpily made me train harder, and with two days of rest after the marathon i went at it again.  This time i was going for speed so the workouts left me completely speant.   I was right on track at about a 3 hour 30 minute pace for a Boston Qualifier in Philadelphia when i was down and out on Nov 7th with a Kidney stone.  This “issue” persisted for 7 weeks, then it was Christmas so training was terrible.  It was a forced rest period i guess.

Got serious again on jan 5th and started back into a full program…ramping up from 30km a week to 85 km this week.  Hard at the gym and swimming lots.  I havent been careful with diet until this week so im holding on at 88 kg.  I was 85 when i went down with the kidney stone.

I am totally back into the training and getting very excited about the Death Race.  The date is July 30th…2 days after my 45th birthday.  What a gift to myself!  126km run through the mountains.  

For training this intence you need to be somewhat obsessed….this isnt a problem for me as most people know!

I will be posting my Nutrition and training programs frequently and post updated status reports until the Race.  i am attempting to have live broadcasts from the race as well




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