145 Days Left for The Canadian Death Race

6 03 2010


Although it seems to be a long way off i know it is really just a blink away.  All of the sudden it will be the week of the run and i ll be like OMG its here already!  I know it is now that makes a differance!  What i eat today, what i train like today are what will dictate my run in 146 days.  its no good to pour it on suddenly because you wake up one morning and its June.

I have never run an Ultra marathon buy the way!  So im not speaking from experiance from that perspective, but every thing worth doing in all of life requires a certain level of diligence. 

Organize and Plan, Complete tasks and record results, stick to the plan and execute!

The base has been laid now over the past 12 monthes.   Now i start to really focus on the training program.  Now each week i will post the weeks training schedule and daily nutritional program.

I will make adjustments where needed such as this weekend i need to work a 14 hour day so i doubt i can get a 4 hour run in so i will run long tomorrow ( saturday) or Monday!

Happy running!  Get a program!  Stick to it!




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