Keep it Fun

7 03 2010

Sometimes you just have to tweak your schedule a but so you get all of the necessary training runs in, while maximizing your rest periods after your hard runs.  The hard runs are Sunday, as it pounds the body for a long time, The hill training on wed, as it requires a long period in anaerobic running, with short recoveries, any speed, work or long tempo runs like the 15-20 i run on wed at just below race pace.  So what ive had to do is drop tuesday back a bit to be a recovery run in the morning.  Do another fast tuesday in the evening but then run my next run wed night giving me a 36 hour recovery time from Tuesday.  then take my steady Run thursday and take friday off so its only a Steady Short run on sat.

This is the way i can increase my rest times between the hard runs and allow the body to heal more.  Tonight i had had a 36 hour rest frrom Thursday and i ran a strong paced 10.23 km in 49.20.  My heart stayed in the 75% range the entire time and my legs didnt feel any fatigue.

I didnt hurt that it was an absolutely beautiful evening and the sun was shining with 9 C.   I went out fast and remainded steady the entire way in.

I wont run long tomorrow morning as i have trade show which will keep me on my feet for 14 hours.  so i may run a 10 in the evening, but then another 10 monday my normal day off.  A single 8 on tuesday and skip my evening run and a 20-30 next wed after a 36 hour rest!

Keep on running!  Keep on thinking about your running and enjoy it




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