Death Race The Beginnings

16 03 2010

Chef on the run

Prepping the Bench

The count down begins………July 28th 2010 i will turn 45 years old and will attempt to un this 126 km race in 18 hours.  my training program will be psoted here shortly and you can follow me as i attempt to maintain that schedule without injury for the next 400 days.   

Anyone who can run 10 minutes without stopping can run a Marathon….running a marathon is a life changing experiance.

the question i encounter mostly is  WHY would i want to run 3 marathons back to back  the answer is because “you only live once” and why not.

  i do not want to simpily “exist” on this planet.  i want to LIVE.  to push myself. 

 to do something like this will be a monumental experiance.  not the event itself as much as the dicipline it will require to follow the rigorous training.  

im in week 14 of the 65 week training program ive created and the milage is 50 km a week.  this will peak in may of next year at 120km a week……………………..that means a lot of 4 AM runs.   alot of time alone to think….stay tuned




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