Ultra Training-Not every runs a great run 137 days left!!!!

19 03 2010

They cant always be good runs.  Well perhaps if running is all you did, but my reality is sometimes my professional schedule is heavy, too heavy to have the energy to run well.  Alot of times we work late at night and always get up early, so there is definate sleep deprevation.

Well yestarday was one of those days.  I was low on energy from lack of sleep.  I hadnt really eaten properly for two days,and had some pretty big miles the past few days ( 107 over a 7 day period),so i had expected to start stiff and slow.  After 750 meters i knew it was going to be a tough run!  I started to run a complete diagnostic on all moving parts.  Ankles ?  Fatigued and sore but not injured. Feet ? definately sore but not injured. Calves, legs, ok everything is fatigued or sore from lactic acid, but not pre-injury……so im just tired, lets see what i can do.  At 3 km i run up a steep 500 meter path on the side of the path and back to try and jump start the legs…..heart rate jumped, as expected, but it didnt comeback down to where it should have.  A sure sign of over training is an increased heart beat at a speed where it should be lower.  Every 2-3 km i found a 500 meter trail off the main path climbing about 300-400 meters steeply, and id run up it and down.  By 10 km i was feeling a bit better so i tried a new route to loop back for 14.  Instead got lost, ended up on the wrong side of the river,and ended up at the Lake shore. 

I realized that i really hadnt been eating properly.  i take a couple gels, im hydrated pretty good.  Big toe is killing me, last day with these shoes………at 18 km i feel like its been 30.  Its a real struggle.  one thing about my personality is once i am headed towards home i can bear just about any level of pain.  5.75 km left.  I m in high park.  i know every step of this trail.  I know down to a couple meters how far home it is.  3 km.  im on Bloor st.  I just focus and its a few hundred meters left.  This is a nasty part of any run, even the good ones, its a 350 meter hill to my doorstep.  I always kicks my butt.  Home.  heart rates way to high!  I am dead tired.  i couldnt have run another 2 km!  I dont even stop at the gym downstairs to stretch.  Up stairs and sit down and submerge my foot into ice water to the knee.  That was a bad run!  But………it was 22km.  Thats a decent mid week run.  So this week, 3 x 1/2 marathons and 1 full, with a couple 10 km runs.

So that was a tough run!  my own doing.  Lesson learned, again. 

How not to train!

Today i bought new shoes!  🙂    feet were so happy.  17 C out and sunny.  Diana and i ran a slow 10km through the park.  Slow but nice.  Felt good.  No icing tonight.




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19 03 2010
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