The importance of having a training schedule

23 03 2010


There are two types of runners ( well thats a pretty narrow statement but bear with me)  

 The runner who has and will for a long time go for that same 5-6km run every morning or evening like clock work.  they are usually in decent condition and running has become a big part of thier life.

The runner ( or even non runner up until this point) who has decided to run to specifically alter their level of fitness.  To this later group this discussion is aimed.

Although going for a 5-6 km run over and over is definately better than sitting on the couch watching TV, you will see your level of fitness plateau and even eventually decrease without a plan.  I know tonnes of runners who are grossly over wieght after years of training.

You have to  think SMART  , Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-related.  Specificly decide whay you are training, and measure your progress by keeping a journal or log of your activities.  Dont wake up tomorrow and think you’ll run a marathon next week without training!  The goal has to be achievable.  It has to be relevant to how you are training, and there has to be a date by which you can measure your progress.  a race is a good date.  19 or 20 weeks from now is an excellant date.

I swear by John Stantons Running Room, training programs.  I think if you read his book you will not only discover how to train but what level you are at in your personal fitness and ensure you pick an achievable goal.

Over the next few weeks i will post my previous weeks trining schedule and share comments on how each run went.  I will discuss why i do each particular training session.  The program i have is simply the 4 hour  Running Room program with alot more miles on each day

I have attended several Running Room programs and several other clinics.  i constantly ask others advice on a variety of topics and read everything i can find about the subject of running.

I have a precise plan to which i remain focused.  I have been training for 13 monthes with 4 monthes to go for the biggest challange of my life.  To run 126 km in the mountains of northern Alberta in an aptly named race called .  This is 1 day after my 45th birthday.  So essentially it is the first thing i will do in my 45th year.  I think its a hell of a way to start a year.




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