Night Running

26 03 2010

Night Running

Im in Halifax Nova scotia tonight.  My kids and most of my family live here.  I like it here.  The airs wicked clean and its quiet and peacefull.

My sister Ava bought me a head lamp for night running.  Unfortunately I forgot it at home in TO.  Fortunately she had another.  I was up at 4 AM this morning and Ava was up…….well who knows I doubt if she even sleeps anyway.  Finally her day ended at 930PM and we decided to go for a run. 

I love running at night, but ive seldom run trails at night, usually it was down town Montreal.  There are for more animals in downtown Montreal on a Friday night then in the woods in NS so im not really concerned about that.  I was a bit concerned about tripping over something and breaking my foot or twisting my ankle.  No worries there as the head lamp worked perfectly and cast enough light to clearly see any obstacle.

Ava was still on high speed as she really hadn’t stopped for a second all day so we left at a good pace.  I felt great as I hadn’t run in 30 hours or so, plus I absolutely love running with Ava.  We have similar stride and pace and we usually chat about all kinds of stuff.  Even though shes a year older than I, its like we are twins as we think very similar about a lot of situations and topics and have the same drive and determination.

By the time we got to the park we were running at a good 4:43/km pace, which gets the heart up to about 75% for me.  Breathing heavy but not laboured.  This isn’t Toronto, we have hills here.  When we got into the Park proper it was great to see that the light had good coverage of the trail.  Its dark here.  I mean really dark.  Dark like liquid, oozing from the sky.  It seems thick and velvety, even though the moon and stars were extremely bright.  After living in light polluted areas for so long I forgot this amazing darkness and incrediable celestial bodies.  What a great run.  At 4 km there are two kick ass hills.  Ava asks “ Short and steep, or long and gradual”……………..Of course as anyones who knows me knows I pick short and steep.  I like to plow through anything tough.  I never take the easy way out and if somethings uncomfortable I like to take it head on.

Breathing heavy at the top of the hill, and star back.  

Still running at a good clip we get back to her place and walk around the block to cool down.

Great run!  What a beautiful night.  That’s what running is all about.  If you could bottle the way that feels, you could sell millions of litres.

So running in the dark.  No Problemo…………..of course according to the schedule I have for myself I’ll be running for several hours if not 5 hours in the dark mountain trails of Grand Cache……………..we ll see how I like that.    Of course at that point I ll have run for over 90 km so perhaps the dark will be the least of my concerns!




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