Training for the Death Race

29 03 2010

Any one who knows me knows i am not someone easily intimidated.  I look forward to challange with respect and determination for any task.

For the first time in my life i have an uneasy trepidation about something i am attempting.  Its because of the un-known that i have this uneasy feeling.  The unknown quantity of how my body will respond to the enormity of the task of running through the mountains for 126 km. 

I have no experiance in my life to compare this too.  I know from marathon training that its a HUGE differance between running a 36 km run and running a 42.2 km marathon… is a monumental differance.  almost difficult to put into words.  a 36 km run leaves you tired and drained…stiff and sore…at 30 km you start to question yourself and your abilities.  At 36 you really have doubts as to why in the hell you are doing this!

so now in my training i have run a 45km run and a 50 km run.  they left me fairly speant.

What really has me thinking is this

Yesterday i ran a nice even 32 km run.  I had woken up at 6AM  was on the road after a breakfast at 7 AM exactly.  ran a 32 in 3 hours exactly.  Home showered, ate, packed my luggage, made the kids lunch, read a while, Packed the kids, went to visit my friend Paul, went to the airport, read for a while, took a 2 hour flight to Toronto, watched a movie and upon going to bed at 930pm ( 1030 AST) i realized that if i was on time in my planning of the Death Race i would still have still another 3.5 hours running to do!


I mean i was dead tired going to bed…….it is almost too big to get my head around.  I have to say im in awe!  Completely dumb struck to imagine that i was tired after my run yet i would have still been running through all that i did that day and MORE!

What did i get myself into?

The one factor which i hang onto and has got me through everything else BIG in my life is that…………..If other Humans have done this i can too!  I have great confidance in my physical strength and mental tenacity.  I am un wavering in my belief that if you have a proper proven plan and stick to it you can succeed.

Im just saying this is far bigger than i ever imagined and the dicipline and demands on my body are so much bigger than i ever dreamed.

By no means is this blog a cry for help or a whinning “i cant do it” message.  I am just have a tremendous respect for the task at hand and the demands it will dole out to my body and mind the next 18 weeks.

18 weeks!  125 DAYS left!

I wiegh in at 86 kgs this morning.  14% body fat.  61% muscle.  My quads measure 25 inches around, my calves a monsterous 17 inches and my biceps 15 inches.  30 inch waist and 48 inch chest.

Yes i am in decent conditon. The next 18 weeks i will turn this decent into spectacular condition!

I have only one task now.  Train as hard as i can but listen to my body to avoid injury.  i cant run this race if i cant show up at the starting line!

this weeks schedule

S 32 km , m off, t 12 km ( 6 and 6) gym, w 22 km with hills, swim, t 12 km slow, f 15 km fast, s 20 km slow, sunday 60km !!!!!!!

lets see how i feel next week!




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