Death Race …..121 Days left

31 03 2010


Today was one of those days that you just knew it would be a good run.  Woke up before 5:00 AM but felt rested.  I was impatient to get going.  Gulbed down some coffee and a gel and was out the door at 530.

It was 2 C and the temperatutee was suposed to hit 18C this afternoon, but i couldnt wait for afternoon.  As soon as i started i noticed , all systems were good.  feet, ankles, etc, all felt great.  So a nice steady pace to the park, warming up for what i now knew would be a good 18-21 km run.  In the park just at daybreak, there were incredible chorus’s of birds.  The lake was full of ducks in a myrid of color and plummage.  I was a bit suprised how few people were out for a run on a nice morning like this, but perhaps they were planning to wait for the beautiful afternoon that was promised.

I had a lot of recent business developments in my head which made the run go by fast.  i found a perfect pace and just settled in and let my legs take me around the course.   Out to the tip of the point and back on the wild little path right on the waters edge. 

I love this view when i come around the tip and am looking straight back across the edge of Lake Ontario at the CN tower.  I have another gel as i start the loop back arriving at home for a negative 3 minute split on 20 km.

Nice run.  Its amazing when you have a run like this that almost does itself and you are just along for the ride.  Cant explain it, you have to experiance it!




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