Recovering from Injury

8 04 2010

One of the most difficult things a runner has to do is learn to “listen to your body”……seemingly simple but none the less has taken me all of 44 years to learn to do.  When i was younger i was simpily going to fast to listen to my body!  Later in life i was numb and couldnt feel my body.

Somehow during this journey over the past 18 monthes i have changed dramatically.  I spend hours a week, evaluating and adjusting my diet, sleep and training based on what my body is telling me.

When something isnt feeling quite right i do some serious evaluation and try and understand if its just a sore muscle from hard workouts or is it the beginning of a problem?

Normally a few quick rules will help with that.  If pain is localized and in a small concentrated area, then its probably the beginning of something which could become serious.  If its a sharper pain not a dull ache then again its probably something serious.

Once i identify that indeed i may have an injury looming i stop.  Now i need to evaluate if i can continue to train by either adjusting the intensity or type of training im doing or do i need to stop running completely and do other types of Cross Training?  Usually if you can catch a potential injury early on its a simple matter of rest and ice and you can be back at it in as little as a couple days or a week, instead of continuing and possibly missing months of training!

This week afteer Sundays long run, my ankle was swollen and sore.  i didnt run Monday, and iced and elevated.  Tuesday i tried a couple KM slow in the evening but it was tender so i took wed off.  Thursday it was feeling better but i went on tred mill and elyptical instead of the hard outside surfaces.  Friday i went out for a run which started slowly and i ramped up the pace as i went along taking care to concentrate on my foot falls to ensure i hit even surfaces as to not put lateral pressure on the ankle.  As soon as i got home i throughly iced again to be safe.

So now i can run today and if all is good i will go out for a hard trail run tomorrow.

I told a friend about my ankle and he said maybe you are over training and thats why you hurt it.  I said no, i just stepped in a hole and turned my ankle…..he being so wise said ” maybe you stepped in the hole because you are over training and therefore tired”…………….hmmmm.  Good point!  sigh!  so wise!

The rule about preventing a small injury from becoming a dehabilitating injury is RICE…………….Rest………..Ice……..Compress………….Elevate.

If we learn to listen to our bodies we can prevent little issues from sidelining us for monthes!  Happy Running




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