Training up date 98 days left

24 04 2010

Ive now been in training for 410 days!  I have 98 days left before running the Canadian Death Race in Grand Cache Alberta on my 45th birthday.

When i started i was a tired 99 kg.  I hadnt trained much in two years except the occassional foray into the weight room to fling a few dumbells around and some half hearted attempts on the tred mill! 

I had really strayed away from my running since leaving NS and working sucuge hours in Montreal.  My eating habits were terrible.  I could barley run a 6 km run!  Tired all the time!  I thought   “what am i doing?”   That was it.  Time to get back in shape.    As usual with me i needed a large goal.  something long term or i would simpily complete it and move on to something else.  I decided to try again for the Death Race for my 45th birthday in 2010.

I didnt tell anyone and just talked about running a Marathon in summer 2009 around my birthday.  I trained hard and got myself back into decent shape but not spectacular.   My work schedule was still way out of control, but i dropped some weight ( down to 92 kg) and managed to complete the Barrington Marathon in , Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia in 4 hours and 18 minutes.  I was beat up! wasted!  

 After the Marathon we jumped in the car and drove towards Montreal.  Arriving at the hotel in NB for the night i was thinking that if i was running the Death Race ( which was taking place that weekend ) i would still be running!  I was in awe of that and intrigued.  Could i really do that?  Run for 18-24 hours non-stop?  I would have to find out.

I took a day off and then dove back into training.  My next goal to try and achieve a qualifying Marathon time for the Boston marathon in April 2010.  The time would need to be under 3 hours 20 minutes in my age group!  I had never ran faster than a 3 hour 28 personal best!  doable?  Why not.   I trained like a mad man and dropped even more weight.  training was going well but i was not quite on track.  By late Novemeber i was on pace for a 3 hour 30 minute finish… shave 10 minutes off that would require a herculean effort.   Alas, suddenly i was down and out!  On November the 7th only two weeks before my attempt to qualify by running the Philadelphia marathon i got kidney stones!  Not some small little round grains.  but 6mm jagged rocks!  Incrediable pain put me in bed on my back for two weeks and destroyed my chances for Philadelphia!

By Christmas i was back jogging and trying to get back to where i left off.  I stumbbled through training until jan 2nd and then with a renewed vigor i went back at it.

Now i obsessed about training.  Developing a hard core training program that would put me in the best shape of my life i attacked my training.  I also started eating better.  Talking with my good friend Chuck Healy, i set in place a daily nutritional intake that would help me achieve my best from my body each day.

This morning i am 85KG!  That is 14 kg lighter than 400 days ago!  32 lbs!    My body compesition is now only 13.5 % fat!  Im logging an average of 80-100km a week running and some of that is on demanding trails and hill repeats.  Im hitting the gym 2-3 times a week to maintain core strength and build quad strength in my legs.  Im swimming, cycling and hitting elyptical machines.  Im going for 5-6 km walks on the weekends with my wife.

My sunday runs are and have been marathons or bigger for 9 weeks now, peaking at a 62 km run a few weeks ago.   Wed are half marathons with a 21 km fast run, or hills!

So how do i feel?  Great!  As long as i get to bed early and eat well i feel fine.  I require alot more sleep then im getting but with my work and travel schedule its impossible.  Mentally im fine.  Im still having fun with the training.   I was and am determined to keep my training fun.   i dont want this to be a job!  Something i dread.   I look forward to most runs with enthusiasm and pleasured anticipation.

There are 98 days left before the greatest physical challange of my life!  my goal now is make it to the starting line.  I must listen carefully to my body now to prevent injury.  take extra days off when required.  ice my feet, stretch, eat and sleep as best as possible. 

I have a good fitness base and now i must really challange myself with long runs, tough woodland hikes, hills, hills, and more hills as nothing will get me ready for whats waiting in Alberta!

Im still positive and feel relatively confident that i can do this!  Im still slightly intimadated to think that i will run for over 18 hours but i feel on track.

I will be trying to post my progress during the run LIVE on this site with video so everyone can share in the effort, pain and hopefully satisfaction of this incredible challange!

Going for an 18km run this beautiful morning to get in 95 km for this week!

Off i go!




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