Training……………Having a coach

26 04 2010


I ll add more on this later this week. 

I am at a point in my training where my mind is starting to wander and im having difficulty focusing on specific training for the up coming Death Race, so ive had to hire a coach to focus me.   His name is Stephen Bogardo and you can find him on his web site,    His prices are excellant and the guy has tonnes of knowledge and advise from years of running.

STEPHEN BOGARDO, founder and CEO of MyRunningCoach, is ranked among the top North American runners in his age group.  And his experience over a 30-year period has enabled him to serve effectively as an instructor and coach for hundreds of fellow runners.

As a competitor, Stephen runs all standard distances from 5K to marathon and has finished first among his contemporaries in 16 of 18 races over the past year and a half.  His times have been good enough to qualify him for automatic entry into the New York City and Boston marathons in 2009 – a year in which he will also participate in the World Masters Games in Sydney, Australia.


I ll make a blog about his comments towards my schedule and what he does to mix it up for me!




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