Death Race training…………….94 days left!

27 04 2010

This whole training program has suddenly become stressfull.  Not the actual necessary running required and the time management needed to fit it all into my life, which in itself can be a bit daunting, but the realization that i have trained for so long so hard and the race is only 94 days away. 

 The fact that im getting constant reminders that im pushing my body hard with twinges in the ankles, dull aching pain in the feet, sharp occassional pains in the toes!  The stress for me is the possibility of NOT making it to the STARTING LINE!     If i had a few ultras under my belt i wouldnt worry as much but because its such an unknown quantity and i really dont know what kind of shape i really need to be in and where i am in relation to that i am training as close to the edge of injury as possible! 

And there in lies the problem

Running is such a hugely important componant of my life!  Its a balance for the job hazard of eating too many calories in my job where i have to “taste” so many items a week.  Its a massive stress releasor.  Its one thing i do completely for myself and allows me time for introspection.  More importantly it seems to balance the levels of Seratona in my brain making me a bit more sane!

Id be lost without running!

The other thing is i absolutely love running so much, especially trail running that i want to do alot more of it.  Ive built up such a great base of fitness that i want to enjoy the ability i have now to go off for 50km runs any week i want to!  I dont need to think about running a 10-20 km……any time any day, even if i have already run that day!

I dream of and want to run the BIG races….Western states, Badwater, Leadville, Ocean to Ocean, Comrades etc……………..i fantacize about some of the crazy runs Dean Karnazes and Ray Zahab are logging across desserts and Antartica etc.

I want to retire from my job one day into running!

At any rate.  I will need to carefully find my way along the next 94 days and listen to my body.  Taking the necessary rests to prevent injury while maintaining and increasing the mileage to get in the condition i need to be in to not only finish The Death Race, but finish without destroying myself!

Im revising my entoire program with the help of my coach stephen and will post it in the next day or so.

I have signed up for the Misissauga marathon May 16th to run as a training run.  I will attempt to keep my time down to 4 hours and 15 minutes as i am only logging the miles in a social setting NOT competing for a PB no matter how good i feel.  I dont think i have much better than a 3 hour 45 minute in me anyway as i havent done much speed work at all.

Going for a nice easy 10 km now…….left foot instep is a bit sore.  Right big toe hasnt complained today!  Ankle??  we’ll see

Stay tuned




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