Evaluation of my running history……..hmm not too impressive YET!

28 04 2010




Running Biography


Born July 28th, 1965

Always running everywhere I go

Small build, very light

Running trails, 6-12 km no trouble every day


High school track

Mediocre    5:02 mile with out training.

Ran a few 10-12kms


No running, foot ball and weight training

Weight 95 kg


No running, not much sports, smoking cigarettes and drinking too much beer.

Weight 105 kg


Running 1-2 miles 3 times a week

Heavy weight training, competing in power lifting competitions

No smoking no drinking!

Weight 108 kg



Running room programs or similar for a marathon….maintaining 30-40km a week when not on program…………..Didnt train seriously, maybe 70% effort

Wieght 101 kg


1st marathon  Ottawa may 11th, 2003                4 hours 17 minutes

2nd Marathon, Halifax                                       4 hours 1 minute

3rd marathon, Barrington, NS                            4 hours 20 minutes

Valley half                                                        1 hour  44 minutes


Got very serious about training

Weight  91 kg


4th marathon, Philadelphia                                 3 hours  28 minutes

Valley Half                                                       1 hour   32 minutes

10 k                                                                 48 minutes



A lot of injuries including a torn Soleus muscle.  Training for small periods.  Missed several marathon dates with work schedules and injuries

Weight 99kg

10 km                                                                 52  minutes

5 km                                                                   24  minutes

Half Marathon                                                      1 hour 55 minutes

2009 January-Present


Training seriously.  Eating properly.  Following every piece of training advise.  Staying injury free, cross training, swimming, weight lifting.  Starting training for The Canadian Death Race 2010 

Weight 92 kg

5th marathon, Barrington, NS                              4 hours 10 minutes

2 weeks off Dec. 2009

Feb until today

Weight 85kg

Maintaining 75 to 105 km per week religiously.  Taking Mondays off and every second Friday.   Hitting hills once per week.   Ran 8 above 40 km runs with one at 62.5km.

Ran one weekend total mileage of 90 km ( sat and Sunday in the same 24 hours)

10 km pace 49 minutes

21 km pace 1hour 45 minutes

Average pace expectation for a FLAT marathon right now would be 3 hours 30 minutes

Mississauga Marathon  May 18th, 2010

4 hours 16 minutes……………………..ran slow.  Felt great.

Injuries……   .recurring Bunyon(?) on right big toe ( 6 years on and off)

            Small aches and pains in left ankle and instep, right top of foot

Overall.            Feeling great!

Goal                Remain injury free to make it to starting line of Death Race in good shape

Run Death race July 31st 2010   ( three days after 45th birthday)

                        Run in 18 Hours

                        Feel descent after

Future Goals  Run Leadville, Badwater, western States, Commerades, Ocean to Ocean etc………………..retire running in 10 years

Need to understand what my expected pace could be.  Need to train specific.  HILLS.  HUGE amounts of Hills

Need to know what it feels like to spend 10 -12 hours on the feet in a 24 hour period

Need to plan Hydration for Death race and review strategy.

Need to race a couple races prior 50KM?    Mississauga marathon

Need to work core

Need to get used to carrying a pack of 6-8 kgs




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