85 Days Left for Death Race training

4 05 2010


Im off with a foot injury……

very difficult to remain positive.  Running is such a huge part of who i am.  Im a little bit bitter that my body is letting me down when i have listened to it carefully.  rested. eaten well. lost wieght.  bought great shoes.   WHY?

Well i have to be honest. 

Mistake #1

5 weeks ago i got myself organized and set out for a 62.5 km run.  at 5 km i turned my ankle pretty badly.  I tryed my wieght on it and found that it was “ok” if my stride was good and my foot planted flat.   At 44 km it was screaming sore but i kept going.  i even passed my house at 55 km.  come on.  I should have stopped there.  Correction.  I should have stopped at 5 km and walked home.  I took 2 days rest and went at it.  My ankle didnt complain much but slowly i started landing a bit heavier on my instep to subconciously take some impact off the outside of my ankle where it was injured.

Mistake #3 ( there were two mistakes in that first part!)

I started running REAL trails.  Im not really “hard up for money” but i feel guilty at all of the expenditures that come with running at this volume so i didnt buy proper trail shoes and ran in my normal NB street running shoes.  The problem with this is my feet moved too much.  They got beaten up pretty hard!

so here i am

last week i ran 33km.  This week 0!   I consulted several “specialists” and have determined that my arches are fallen and putting stress on the facia….i dont have Planter faciatus but its close enough.    They do think i can run saturday so………………………….what to do?  If i run to early and mess things up BIG TIME i will be out a while.  If i wait and wait and dont run, my fitness level will drop and i ll be out.

not only does the missed training time bother me but I LOVE RUNNING.  I miss it terribly.  Its how i keep focused to work 80 hour weeks.  Its where i get my clarity of thought for business.

Having an injury after 14 monthes of training and less than 3 monthes to go is unfortunate BUT

today i was in the gym and complaining to the guy next to me that i “have a little foot problem”   he replied “so do i”  he pulled his shoe and sock off and revealed that he had only half a foot.  The toes and most of his foot had been crushed off by a street car!

End of story.  Poor me i have a sore foot.   I HAVE A FOOT!




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