Last years blog on Motivation………..needed a boost

10 05 2010


 I wake up every morning at 519AM  my coffee is set for 520.  I don’t even need to think about it any more.   I stumble out and pour the coffee even as it’s trying to finish brewing.  My stuff is ALWAYS laid out in the same spot so I don’t need to look for it.  I sit on my balcony a few minutes contemplating the fact that im tired and sore, and tired…….then I gulp down my coffee and put on my gear and RUN……………………………….if I didn’t lay out my stuff I may think about not running.  A while back I made a deal with myself to go out for at least 1 km and if I still don’t want to run then to come home.  It hasn’t happened yet that I took myself up on the offer as once im out I say “well as long as im here…”   I have several personal reasons for running and don’t need to share all of them in this public forum yet but I can tell you running can DRAMATICALLY change your life like no other sport.

I have many means of motivation but most often I run because I can.  There are tones of stories about inspirational people who run.  People who have overcome incredible personal pain, diversity and struggles…mental and physical problems yet still run.

The most often heard excuses I hear about reasons not to run are….”I’m worried about my knees”  to that I say “I’m worried about my heart”

My knees used to bother me a bit until I started taking Omega 3 Capsules at 1000 mg a day from Ocean nutrition.  Amazing.  After only 2 months the pain is gone and all my joints feel well lubricated.  Another big excuse is “I don’t have time” I can’t even answer that one with a straight face………….take a look at my schedule.

Often when I run through the various city streets I see homeless people and people drunk and/or on drugs and I pick up the pace a bit and say “by the grace of god there go I”   several times when I thought about quitting a run on an especially tiring day I will see someone on crutches, or missing a leg, or another physical impediment to running and I say thank you god for my good health and I pick up the pace a little.

There has never once been a time that I regretted running after a run but many times I have regretted not going for a run.  Recently running has taken precedence over other facets of my life.  Other things have become slightly less important.  I run for my health, for my sanity, for my personal time.

I imagine at the end of my life if I have time to reflect I will not say boy I wish I had slept more!!!  The average person who lives until 80 will have slept 26 years of their lives.  Seeing as I sleep only 5 hours a night I will have slept only 16 years!!!!  Imagine.  I will have been awake 10 years more than some other people.  If I use that 10 years productively I will have personal, professional, spiritual and financial gains at a much greater level than had I been asleep.!!  Also I sincerely doubt I ll see 80 with my misplaced and destructive youth, but im certainly going to be awake for as much of my time on earth as possible!

You pass other runners on the street and give them a nod or a smile.  Most times there is a fleeting glance and a connection in the eyes.  A connection only runners can share with each other.  The fraternity of running.

Often now if I am facing an issue in business or personal life I will put it out of my head until I run.  Ultimately after a run each obstacle becomes more easily dealt with.  Each issue a bit less troublesome.  I don’t lay in bed obsessing over things (unless I lost my running watch or something)

Running is a great gift.  One which cannot be shared verbally.  To give this gift you can only keep running so people can see that it is a wonderful and positive experience and if they are lucky they will give it a try.

I run because I can!


Sometimes Sundays I ll sleep in until 619




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