How to prevent injury from a small pain…recovery

11 05 2010


I ve been suffering for 8 days now without any running……..mentally suffering.    Self imposed break……..its not like i cant run.  I could run easily with this level of pain.   Its what could happen if i ran with this!  This discomfort could turn into full blown de-habilitating injury very quickly.  i dont take that lightly……

So i had to “Practice what i was preaching” and take some down time.  It was alot easier to tell others to do this than to do this myself.

The first days were a disaster to me mentally  I was slipping into a depression.  With my addictive personality i was “hooked” on running.  The high of it all.   In fact my sister and i were discussing this last night and agreed that its nice to run and train but the quest of all of that is that final 2 minutes of a race.  Its such an emotional rush. I cant imagine another way to get that feeling.  Especially when you run 42.2 km.  

At anyrate, i turned my attitude around and realized it was the perfect oppurtunity to focus on my body where id been neglecting a bit.  So the last 8 days i hit the gym 6 times for 2 hours or more.  I concentrated on Core, Abs, lower back and hip flexors.  I hit the bike and realized that it hit my Quads harder and faster then a run.  Also it hit my Gluts!  My butt is sore!  I worked all of the upper body hard. 

Now i realize that i can swim bike and run….hmmmmm always wondered about IRON MAN Triathilons…..may be a plan in the future.

Hopefully im back at the running tomorrow.

Endurance – it’s more than just competing in distance races – it is more than simply running. It’s the lifestyle of never looking for the easy way out. It’s finding opportunities whatever the situation. It is a freedom, if you have the courage to seize that freedom. It’s an exploration towards the edge. For each of …us this ‘edge’ will be in a different place. And that place will be constantly changing. It is the journey to find that edge which maybe teaches us more about ourselves. – Lizzy Hawker




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