Mississauga Marathon…………….26.2

15 05 2010

Met and ran with John Stanton at the Port Hope Running Room saturday.  Great guy.  It was a small group so Diana and i had alot of oppurtunity to chat with him.  He is certainly a genuinly nice guy, who has not only built a great brand but has influenced hundreds and thousands of people to get a healthier life style.   He is a major contributing factor to have made Marathons more accessable for everyone!  What an inspirational person.

I had alot of trepidation the day/night before the marathon.  Its odd as ive run a dozen long training runs in 2010 that were marathon distance ( 42.2 km) or greater.  The thing was i had so many little physical issues, mainly with my feet i had anticipation of alot of pain.  After being off running for over 3 weeks and only the past wed and thursday running a 10 km and a 15km i felt i wasnt prepared to run a marathon.

Diana and i went out on Staurday morning to pick up our race kits and do the “3km fun run” with Port Credit Running Room and John Stanton.  My legs were tight and my feet in pain with muscle issues, and blisters.

We ate a good Pasta dinner that night and went to bed early.  We were up before the alarms at 4 30AM and had our coffee and oatmeal cereal.  Somehow even with so much time in the morning we were almost late and got to the starting line 15 minutes before the gun.  It was a big crowd ( 14,000?) and we lined up way back near the back of the group.

We started really slow.  I was told by Stephen ( my coach) to try and finish back near 4 hours and 15 minutes.  We were 8 minutes from when the gun went off to when we actually started running across the starting line!   I knew right away that we would have a nice run together when Diana and i started off.   the first 4 km went by really quickly.  We decided we would run a 5 minute 50 pace per km and walk through a few “Aid Stations” to get water and gatoraid.

This stratagy worked great and by the time we reached the 15 km mark where half marathoners broke away from the full marathoners, we were feeling great and Diana was ready to push to the finish.  She must of pushed hard as she came in at 2 Hours and 4 minutes!  My time was 2 hours and 7 minutes at the half.

After Diana left i ran alone but chatted and joked with many people the rest of the way.  At this pace i could afford to be sociable and have some fun.  My breathing was light and easy.  My heartrate was a nice 125 or so.  It was my first marathon where i wasnt working hard and i was having fun.  I chatted with a few people but noone that seemed like someone i could run with.  i met several people who had started too fast and were suffering terribly.  A few people laying down by the side of the path.  I encouraged a few people that this is what they trained for and they could do it.  Just slow down and walk a bit.  Eat some gel, drink lots of water and continue to put one foot in front of the other.

It was a well organized marathon with plenty of aid stations and a tonne of support by the local police department.  There were several bands playing along the course and the atmosphere was jovial.

The sun came out and the day warmed from 8 C to 18C by 11AM.  It was a beautiful day.  Just the right temperature.    The course is a serious Net Down Hill.  Meaning you barely ever went up a hill.  It was mostly down.  If i am ever looking for a course to try and set a PR it will be this one.

I was feeling very strong but knew i had to keep it slow as not to beat my body up too much.  I am signed up for the Bluenose marathon in Halifax next Sunday and a 50 Mile race at Sulpher Springs near Hamilton in less than 2 weeks so i couldnt pound my body too hard.

I am back a bit on my time so i keep my pace down to 5 min 45 / km.  At km 30 i start to play a game i like which is to count people i am passing.  Im well back in the pack of marathoners ( 950 people) and i start to pass them.  I decide noone else will pass me by the finish line and i manage to pass 250 people by the end.  Moving up from 850th position to about 600th! 

At 36 km i meet up with Esther, shes a good runner who had just run a marathon in Zurich switzerland last month in 4 hours 10 and was hoping to break 4 hours.  It wasnt going to happen at this point as there wasnt enough distance left to make up that much time.  She looked like she could but admits later she was struggling.  I run with her as she is so pleasant to talk to and runs light on her feet with very soft breathing.

we chat about other Marathons and hopes and running dreams.  Time goes by super fast and in no time we are at 39 km.  I feel fantastic, but im in no hurry so i decide to run in with Esther.  At 41.5 km Diana pounces down to run in with me in case i was suffering.  I had already seen her at km 32 where she gave me her Canadian Flag to run with.

Esther and i speed up at 41.7 and come in strong and looking good at the finish.   I cross in 4 hours 16 minutes feeling great.

Im so happy with how i feel.  i honestly believe i could turn and run back!  I dont need to!  Stephen is waiting at the finish line greeting his little “Running Brood” from his Running Room clinic and he looks pleased i stayed on time.

Diana and i head for the buses to get back to the starting line to get our cars ( i dont really like finishes that are not where we started but anyway…)  we get home for a much deserved shower and head to our local pub ( My Place) for a bite to eat.

Its a sunny 21 C and we feel great…..well relatively great.  we both have a couple huge  toe blisters.  She has a pinched Cyatic nerve from her overseas flight last week and ive got and ankle and arch problem in my foot.  But wearing our recently earned medals we are feeling great.

Completing a Marathon is as close as we can get to feel like finishing an Olympic event.

What a  joy to be able to go out and run a Marathon and then get home and go for a 3 km hike!

The Mississauga Marathon is a very well organized event.  It is scenic and pretty.  It is a fast course with a nice number of participants.  It is high on my list of Marathons i enjoy running.

Today im off.  Tomorrow just in the gym on bike and weights with some swimming.  Im not sure what Stephen has in mind for me for wed and thursday but it will be fairly light with a 42.2 next sunday  AT NIGHT.   but thats next weeks story.

Mississauga Marathon   4 Hours and 16 minutes…Nice and easy.  Feel great.   feel really strong and fit.

Saucony Progrid Stabil runners came through for my feet!




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19 05 2010
The Chef's Mother

I really enjoy reading about your Marathon training, Stefan. It’s great that Diana runs with you. Keep up the good work!

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