73 Days Until Death Race…….The Spiritual part of Running

19 05 2010

Flickers, Swallows, Cardinals, just 3 of several birds found along the Humber River at Kingsway and Bloor

One thing thats great about running is it gets you outside.  There is recent information being released to media which shows a clear corelation between just 5 minutes outside in a “green area” and the incredible boost to your mental health.

I ran the Mississauga Marathon Sunday…..i had only been back from 3 weeks off with a foot injury for 3 days.  I ran it slow and had a great time.  4 hours and 16 minutes is by no means a hard workout for me at this stage of my training.

Later that day we went for a brisk walk 1.5 km to the pub and the same walk back.  Monday i took a rest day.   Tuesday i wanted to run but my foot was sore and i gave it a rest.

Today i woke late ( 6:45 AM) and the sun was already up and warm, the birds chirping and an occassional runner floating by in shorts………………..i can hardly wait to get out there.    I grab a handheld water bottle and just shorts and a muscle shirt.  Put on my “street runners” Saucony Progrip Stabil and head down old mill road to the Humber River.  I turn and head up river.  Im going slow and my feet are sore.  Ankles are stiff.   After 3 km things loosen up and i feel good.  when i hit the wooden bridge at 4 km, the water sounds and looks so beautiful.  This is one of my favorite parts of this run and one of my all round favorites.  From the 4 to the 5th km its on a little winding trail, with small hills and dirt path.  it is here you really start to see alot of differant birds and flowers………..Flora and fauna…………its amazing.

Im not sure if everyone sees it as i do but what i see is spiritual on a huge scale.  its quiet yet noisy with the river, the birds, the squirrels, my feet and breathing.  I feel whole when im running in places like this………….

I head up to the Starlett road turn around which is 6 km and head back.  its net down hill back and you are running down river so you feel ( and actually can) like you can go faster.  I really have to keep the brakes on.  I am amazed at how fast a 13 km run goes by!  I used to think about 13km like i do about 30 km now.  I feel so good i could burst with joy.  Everything is so simple.  I get back to the bridge and instead of turning right back home i turn left and run the steep hill up that turns 160 degrees halfway up its 550 meter length.  I used to look at that hill by car and think man thats a killer.   I get to the top barley slowing pace and my heart rate is about 85% of maximum.  I turn and head down and across the bridge and up the other hill which is 650 meters yet more gradual back to my condo on Bloor.

If i could only find a way to hang on to that incredible feeling all day.  its not long before i allow the daily irratations and business dealings to shatter that spirituality……..its OK…i know where to get more and its FREE for the taking!

running Step #1 place one foot in front of the other Step#2 repeat Step #1




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