Born to Run

19 05 2010



What a fantastic book.  I recommend it to all people not just runners!  Christopher McDougall has excellent story telling capabilities and at the same time adds just enough educational material to keep it serious.  I couldn’t put it down.  The understanding about humanity and the correlation between running and living is awesome.

The belief that running can actually make you a better person is something I have totally believed in recently.

The techniques described in the book are excellent and I have already been implementing them into my running and have seen immediate results

The description of how the entire community of the Tarahumara Indians run together and by doing so actually build a stronger community, and the believe in you can only run better by being more caring and compassionate rings staggeringly true in my mind.

You have stuff bothering you and go out for a 20-50km run and I guarantee you those perceived “problems” will diminish or at least you ll be too dam tired to focus on them after. 

Begin to run and sleep better, feel better, act kinder, get smarter, and grow in business or relationships….GURANTEED 

Today I ran like when I was a young lad.  I knew I was going fast because I could actually feel the wind in my face.  I knew I was running light because I came up on people suddenly and surprised them.  I knew it was effortless as I didn’t want it to end.  In fact if I wasn’t on such a serious training schedule for Philadelphia for Nov 22 I would have run for a couple more hours. 

I realized today I am an ultra distance runner.  I ll never be FAST.  Im just too dam big.  It takes me 5-6 km just to get my big carcass up to speed!  I weigh 88 kg ( 198 lbs)  I will probably get that down to 86 but im developing more and more muscle all the time which is heavy so im not sure.  I do know that at my optimal speed (heart rate 138-142) I can go forever.  My legs don’t tire…I certainly don’t get bored.

Many people have told me they get bored running long…..really?!  They must get bored doing other stuff.  I haven’t been bored since I was 15 or 16 years old.  No time. 

Recently I have been told that im “over training”….”training too hard”,   too hard for what????  Let me tell you 18 months ago I was 110 kg (230lbs) I tore my calve muscle on the second hole of the golf course playing golf!!!!  What the?????????????

Now im training, but im listening to my body and my body is saying bring it on!  I am in bed several hours earlier than I used to be.  Im up earlier than I used to be.  Im eating MUCH better than I ever did.  I don’t watch TV.  I do not drink any alcohol… to hard?  Obsessed??  Oh well.  I will take this life over the other any time.

Many people tell me there knees hurt and they can t run…to them I say OMEGA 3 from fish.  I take 1000 mg a day of MEG 3, omega 3 (and 6) fish oil capsules (from Ocean nutrition) and I haven’t had a sore joint in months and I am pounding 50-100km a week.  Im in the gym another 5 hours a week at least.

Almost anyone can run and “Born to Run” confirms my belief that we were all supposed to run.  Grab a pair of sneakers, stop making excuses and go for a run!  Run a block!  Tomorrow run 2…..and so on.  Before you know it you’ll run forever.  The more you run, the more you’ll run.

The fountain of youth, the answer to every problem, the secrete to a great physique and the stepping stone to financial success.

Running.   What have you got to lose?

Born to Run




4 responses

19 05 2010

The Tarahumara Indians seem to have some fun parties also

19 05 2010

Yes indeedy

21 05 2010
norman eubanks

great book…i read it in like 2 days..could not put it down

25 05 2010

Have you read “Once a Runner” ? awesome

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