Training vs jogging

19 05 2010

Although going our for a run everyday is certainly good for mind and body you really wont increase your fitness level after a point.  Your body is a very smart piece of equipment which can adjust to any conditions thrown at it in a relatively short time.  You need to TRAIN to increase your level of fitness.

Serious training for improved fitness consists of various parts during the week. 

Sundays are the Long Slow Distance runs.  Most Marathons occur on Sundays so it makes sence that you get used to running long on Sundays.  These runs are to be done at the slowest pace possible.   Distance is key here.  Distance can be increased by 10% a week

Generally Mondays are a day off

Tuesdays are generally a Steady Run which is at about 70% of your max speed for a 6-8 km distance

Wed are a serious training day which could be tempo Runs, about 80% of your maximum speed, or Hill training which consists of a warm up 2 km, and then series of hills which should be 2 hills the first week and up to 10 hills by mid training schedule.  The hill should be about 600 meters up at 20% incline.  Focus on hills should be maintaining intensity Not speed.  Be sure to stay upright and not lean forward.  Form is critical.  Working shoulders in the gym and core helps considerably with this run.  Hills are my strong program and during marathons I ALWAYS pass people on hills.  Take care not to run down hill too fast as the impact on hip flexors and knees is harsh.

This run is a 10-12 km run for me

 Later on in the training schedule it is good to do speed work on these days.  There will be an entire blog later on speed work

Thursdays are SR day for me as I hit hills so hard.  Many people do Fartleks this day but I don’t have it in me.  Fartleks are run steady for a while then increase speed to 80% for a period and back to sr and so on. For 6-8 km

Fridays are an optional day for me…if I feel good I do a fairly fast run like tempo for 6 km or I ll just hit the gym or take it off completely

Saturday I find hard as it’s a sr for 6 km but I feel like going harder…..i shouldn’t as tomorrows the big day.

During the early weeks of training I generally get 3-5 days at the gym also.  I will be doing a blog of efficient gym work outs in 30-40 minutes…people spend too much time at the gym for minimal results.

My training schedule for a marathon is about 16 weeks from a starting point of good fitness.




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