Marquis de Sade….x 2! 42.2 km of hills. 3600 feet of elevation change

6 06 2010

Well after running mississauga marathon, then the next week Halifax Bluenose marathon and then the Sulphur Springs 50 miler, i thought i was home free.  So when stephen my coach emailed my route for last sunday i was pleased to notice, although a tough route it was 21.2 km………………..then i noticed he said do it twice!!!!!!

My brain was saying NO!!!!!!  not another marathon………… legs seemed fine with it so when i woke Sunday morning to a rainy cool morning i geared up.

Its funny.  My preperation and mental planning were much less than a few weeks ago to get ready for a 42.2 km run.

Out the door i went with my new Ospray hydration pack strapped on with 3 litres of water and a handheld electrolyte replacement drink.

I wrote 4 pages of crib notes and creatively folded them and wrapped them in palstic wrap so i could follow the route.

As per usual i got lost a few times and this made the first 21.2 km go by quite quickly.  it was a bit like a “treasure hunt” !

it certainly seemed it would live up to its name with its twisting and turning course taking in virtually every possible hill in this end of the city.    A beautiful course through high Park and around the pond winding its way back up by my place along the Humber.

At the half way i was just getting warmed up and stopped at my house to change shoes and socks which were rain soaked.  i got rid of the heavy hydration pack and put on a belt with a hand held bottle.  ditched the crib notes as i now knew the course and set out for the secound lap. 

This time i ran the hills and pushed harder and began to feel it by 32 km!  The last 10 km were definately an effort.   More from lack of proper nutrition and sleep then from running.

Feet and legs held up great.  A bit of screaming from my right Achillies as it protested the asphalt and so many hills!

I was happy to finish in the early afternoon which had cleared into a sunny day and was extremely protien hungry!

I have to say what occured to me this week is i am a bit sick of formal training and looking forward to just going out for a run!  A run of any distance i feel like at the time at any pace.

54 days from Sunday…….52 days left from today and i ll run the greatest and most challanging run of my life.  

Am i ready?    Guess i ll soon find out but one thing i can assure you…….I will train HARD for the next 40 days or so as i know i will look for every ounze of training come 70 km into that epic run!  

I have trained for over 16 monthes.  I have run over 5000 km.  i have gone through 8 pair of running shoes and several hundred litres of gatoraid type drinks.

i have gone from 91 kg and 19% body fat to 85 kg and 14% body fat………………………….my legs dont even f less than 40km run………………………… getting there.  im not cocky though.  i know what a big run is capable of dishing out!

Stay tuned.

California dreaming next week.

Some great trail running coming up in NS this weekend




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