46 days until Death Race

15 06 2010


Its so close……..am i ready?   Doesnt feel like it.   Alot of people dropping out now.   me i feel like the hard part is over.   I have about a month of training which will/can positively impact my race and then just a couple weeks to remain un-injured and im at the starting line. 

Did i do enough?

Was i specific enough in my training?

I will know those answers on Aug 1st when i finish running 125 km through the Canadian Rockies.

The new 4 day a week schedule is awesome.  I am hungry to run each day now.

  This weeks

Mondays       OFF

Tuesdays      20 km slow recovery run, Gym for stretching and core 30 minutes

Wed         Gym, Cardio ( Bike, Eliptical, 10 minutes on tredmill 15% incline), Quads and Core, Swimming for 20 minutes

Thursday     25-30  km run with at least 12 of it Hill repeats

Friday       Gym for Core and Upper body, NO Cardio

Saturday     35 km  Hard, Tempo

Sunday        25 km, Easy SLOW

Legs are feeling great….strong…….Exhausted on Mondays but feeling pretty good the rest of the week.  Love the Hill training.  Have to watch my sleep and Nutrition.    Weights down, Body Fat percentage is dropping 0.3% a week………………..looks like i ll run Death Race at about 84 kg!

Working on how we will post live Video footage of the run periodically.   Will definately have little up dates from Black berry at the least!




2 responses

15 06 2010
Joan Czapalay

The dedication and determination such a training program requires is impressive Stefan. It is an amazing thing for a person to do. Good for you! I think getting enough sleep must be very crucial to you at this stage especially. I am very proud of you!

15 06 2010

A lot of people dropping out you say? Really? Why would people be dropping out at this time?

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