San Ramon California…….running with rattle snakes

17 06 2010

So as per usual, I got a 3.5 hour sleep and headed to the airport.  Couldnt get an upgrade so BACK OF THE BUS!    It was ok.  Did some reading and work.  Was in California beofre I even thought about it.   Got my rental car and off to San Ramon about 45 minutes from San Francisco.

I check in and contact the client who tells me we have an important dinner at 530!   Hmmmmmm  its 130!  Well I should prep but im dying for a run in these awesome hills.  Heck with it.  I can prep later, gotta run now.

Check with Chris at the front desk and tell him im looking for a trail run out of the town for about 15 miles… to see thier expressions when you say that!  hahaha……..yes Chris 15 miles.

He told me of a hill where he knew some Triathletes trained.

Off i go.

I head out and relize that I am stiff…I mean really tight from flying in.  I go slow and start winding up on side streets until I reach the Trail head he told me about.   It looks great.  I ask some hikers about it and they say it is STEEP and you can go far as you want.

I set off up hill, I am so happy.  Its a single track, more like a cow path…in fact it is a cow path…………I am winding up and up, this is great.  I am deep in my thoughts at 5 km when suddenly theres a 3 foot rattle snake right in front of me…maybe 5 feet away!  I jump one way and thankfully he jumps ( slithers) the other way………ok heart rate monitor went from 140 BPM to 192!!!!!…………..ok now I am a bit nervous and take off sunglasses and am running and looking down in front of me and up the trail…I am not quite as relaxed as I wanted to be.

From the high vantage point I can see a small sub division and I head there to get on the roads again.   Once there I check my watch….I have been running for 50 minutes.  I promised my self I would turn at the 1 hour mark, but I can see the road winds up and up to an old Radio type station on the highest mountain top in the area…looks like about 3 km!….heck with it……off I go.    Now I learned alot on this run….first, understand thelocal wildlife!  Secound, I am freaking cold now.  Temperature is about 10 degrees differant up here and windy as heck!   The winds blowing directly into my face as I run up the continuous 15% grade for 3 km….it is slow going.  I arrive at the top fairly speant but happy……all the sudden there is a Dead cow in the path!  OK this is freaking me out a bit……did a rattler bite it?/////

I have gotta get back so I turn up the heat on the way down and with the wind on my back now and down hill I am moving!  I am hitting 4 minutes per km and less……my quads are on fire and my toes are pounding the front of my sneakers.,.when I leave the road and back down through the farmers field I am wide open… hearts pounding as I approach the area where I saw the snake………..suddenly something ….I jump about 4 feet vertical….opps its a big gheko..laughs out loud nervously!    3 more strides and shit a snake…I jump again…..nope a snakes’ skin…………..twenty steps and ok this time its a snake and I am over him before he can stick his toungue out………………I get back 20 minutes faster then going out…partly from running down hill and partly from freaking out on snakes………….I get back to the hotel and see chris….” hey man, whats up with all the snakes?!, you trying to kill me?”  Hes like where were you/  I tell him.  hes , crap man….dont cut through the fields on a hot afternoon this time of year, theres Rattle snakes!  Stay on the road!   Ah No shit Chris!…………………..ok new route for thursday…………This was still an awesome run, snakes or no snakes it was amazing scenery and I would love to do it again……………..45 days until Death Race




3 responses

17 06 2010
robert pendergast

Snakes are good practice for the death race!

23 11 2010

HAHAHA I ran into a couple myself

23 11 2010

totally freaked me for a moment….i hadnt thought about it…..then its all i thought about coming back! lol

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