37 days left to Death Race

24 06 2010

Counting down now……its almost here and i have very mixed emotions on that……………part of me would like more time to train and part of me is so freaking glad its almost here!   My god what a journey.  I’m shot.  fried.  Exhausted.  I had no idea what it was like to increase from a 19 week marathon training program to an 18 month Ultra marathon……………………..ive run over 5000 km, gone through a dozen pair of sneakers, eaten far too many gels and spent hours upon hours running, researching and obsessing over this race.

In the beginning i planned to try to do this Race in 18 hours.  In March i was scared and started to think of just to finish in 24 hours.  After my first Ultra experience of 50 miles ( 81km of which i got lost and ran 83) Sulphur Springs,  i thought 20 hours…………actually i thought “are you freaking nuts!?81 km was rough why on earth would you want to run another 42 on top of that and over BIG mountains” BIG BIG BAD mountains

I’ve gone through injuries. Self doubt and elation.   I ran in minus 22C and plus 37C.   I ran 55 km on a sprained ankle and weeks upon weeks with Planter Faciaitus.  

I’ve had Chiropractor bills, dozens of massages and bought $500.00 Orthodics to support my arch which is now not an actual arch but completely  flat instead. 

I even have a coach for gods sake! Acually my sake and sanity!

This has definitely been the most incredible thing i have ever done.

I am extremely proud that i have not wavered from my training.  I have missed 5 runs that i was scheduled for since January 2010!  Thats a 98% or so compliance.

So now as i enter the final 5 weeks training i will concentrate on diet, nutrition and rest.    I’ve got 3 hard weeks left and then its taper time………………………………..i seem to have  aquiredsome very wierd habits now my wife has pointed out.

I sat down to dinner with water in a squeeze bottle the other night and then realized i have one by the bed also as well as a glass by my chair in the living room, one by the sink in the kitchen and at least one in the bathroom.  I fill them all the time and gulp them down anytime i walk by them.  I also drink out of the tap sometimes……………..Dianas not too keen on that trick or drinking from the milk jug………..    I almost spit in the elevator the other day, and sometimes i almost forget and clear my nose walking down the street…..for those who dont know that runners plug one nostil while running and blow hard through the other….you get the point. 

 I keep resetting the car odometer every time we go for a drive in case its a good running route.  I stare at EVERY runner i see and watch their gait.   I used to pack 2 or 3 nice dress shoes when traveling and now i have 2 pair of runners instead, one for trails and one for roads.  I cant fly carry on even for a one night trip as i have too much running gear with my cooking stuff.  I have the newest issue of Trail Runner Magazine in my briefcase from an airport kiosk last week, and forgetting bought one a couple days later….the same issue and then realized a week later that i ac tually have a subscription to it.   I have money in baggies all over the place and often eat walnuts and apricot out of little baggies in the car.   i consider a shake a meal…………………………….I stash walnuts and apricots in my wifes purse…………I fall asleep at night i think about running up Mt Hamel and visualize it……………………………………………………..Any way its almost here.   I will pack my duffel bag with gear all labeled and at readiness for the various legs of this run.  It will be packed early and some items duplicated in a carry on bag as well.

I will post next weeks training schedule tomorrow after i meet with Coach Stephen for evaluation tomorrow .




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