35 days left to Death Race…………Ultra training and the Taper

26 06 2010

Raining hard today….temperature is a nice 18C.  Last night after dinner i was a bit cranky thinking about running a 42 this morning but then i watched some You Tube stuff on badwater and western states 100, as well as a bit of the 2009 Death Race CD and as usual that inspired me.  Went to sleep by 11 and up at 6 ( slept in) and a quick bowl of fresh berries and vector and out the door with Diana.  We ran really slow and time went by fast as she left me at 14 km.  This is the infamous Marquis de Sade 21.1 km loop and it is as hilly as you can find here in TO.  I had barley broken into a sweat, by the end of 21.1 although you wouldnt know as i was soaked through from the rain.  The first loop was ultra slow at 2 hours 27 minutes so i thought id crank it up and ran a 1 hour 59 minute secound loop with the last 5km in 23 minutes.  felt great.  it is so amazing to be in this condition.  i owe alot to my coach Stephen Bogardo ( his link is on here) as he really changed my running.  before i was running hard but not with a clear and concise plan.  i was running 5 to 6 days a week and having many “issues”  He has me on an intence 4 day running program and every run has a purpose.   I have progressed so much as a result its hard to believe.

Heres my program for next week.  I will also swim twice for 30 minutes and Core twice for 30 minutes.  There are really only 14 days of which can have a positive impact on the outcome of the race so i have to really focus now.  Its tough with work week of 60 hours and two to three travel days a week but what can you do????

if it were easy then EVERYONE would do it

Sunday — 42K @ 7:00/km. or slower (on trails at mid-day)
Monday — Complete Rest
Tuesday — 1.5K Easy; 20K Tempo @ 6:00/km. or faster
Wednesday — Cardio-based cross training
Thursday — 1.5K Warmup; 15 Hill Repeats; 1.5 Cooldown
Friday — Strength Training
Saturday — 46K @ 7:00/km. or slower (on roads at mid-day heat))
Have a great week!



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