Peaking at 33 days out.

28 06 2010

Well i feel like a truck ran me over this morning!  Typical Monday these days!    Not much muscle soreness, just a general overall fatigue thats deep!  Had to make up some miles on friday which i usually dont run so i grabbed a 10 km.  Saturday a 21 km slow and then a 21 km fast.

Sunday up at 430 and a 21 km hike on Bruce trail with my buddy Geoff, which was very nice and very pretty scenery, complete with dozens of Snapping turtle nests, and one big snapper as well as dozens of small rabbits and a few wild turkeys!

After our scenic hike i ran the 3 km climb up the long hill in Caledon, 3 km climb up 800 feet.  its a decent hill.

got home to paint the bathroom and clean out storage locker and laced up the shoes again at 4 pm and ran a steady 11km with Diana in 65 minutes.  She broke off at our condo just before the rain started and i continued for another 10 km.   I turned up the heat and let it rip doing a 5 km in 25 and came back in 22.  

it was a bit childish and un restrained to run such a fast pace at the end of a 100 km weekend but i felt so good i had to let it rip.  It was not a wise move though.   at 3.5 km a couple people on bikes transitioned from the bike path onto the running path just as i was getting to the gate and they cut me off even though i had the right of way and was coming fast.  i tried to side step around them in the narrow space and stepped into a “trough” quickly twisting my ankle.  Same ankle thats already sore and was injured several weeks ago!  Not happy.  after a few profanities voiced to noone in particular i tested my step and it was ok but painful, so i continued on.  at 4.5 km the sky opened and thunder and lightening started close by.  probably why i came back so fast.

I was amazed at the strength and speed i had in my legs after such a grueling weekend.  Barley breathing hard i came back to home.  I was drenched and happy. 

for the Ankle……im going to Rest, I Iced heavily, Compressed it with an elastic wrap bandage and Elevated it.  Its tender today so i ll take today and tomorrow completely off and try and minimize agravating it further.  scary.  So close , with only 33 days left to the race.  It was an immature decision with no dicipline but im not a proffessional runner.  I was caught up in enjoying my fitness level and just running.

Im sure if i was racing i could do a 43 minute 10 km and a 3 hour 20 marathon.   feeling very very strong.   Going to peak just in time in 2 weeks and then its taper down time.  Cant wait to run “Normal” 50 to 60 km weeks.  Its a full time job now.

we’ll see how this training all pays off!  From now on i ll run the pace im supposed to and no more playing.  No more technical runs until race day.




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