The days you dont want to run!

30 06 2010


Woodstock New Brunswick

The days you don’t want to!

Everyone has up days and down days… im always surprised when my body revolts and legs don’t feel like running.  Today was one such day.

Huge weekend of running.  From Friday to Sunday over 100 km.

 On Sunday night as I finished my final 10 of a 21 I turned up the heat and let it rip for a 46 minute 10km.  

( let it rip is relative!)

It was pouring rain and a thunder-storm had started and I felt great.  I was on a high.  A few emails to a running friend Michael and I couldn’t wait for my next run.  I was a bit tired Monday but not too sore.  Monday I ended up getting 3.5 hours sleep and on the private jet to Florenceville NB.  Tuesday I arrived at 9 and straight into the kitchen for R and D until 5.   at 5 I drove to my hotel and scouted around the immediate area for trails.

I was successful at finding the Meduxnekeag nature Trail so I quickly changed and grabbed some water ( 2 litres) and was off for what I expected to be an awesome run.

Well I started down the trail only to find out my legs wanted to quit!

First of all I had forgotten to pack socks so I had dress socks on and as a result I had to lace up the Brooks very tightly which in turn causes my shins to feel tight. ( blood circulation?)

My calves were so tight.  I would run about 400 meters and have to walk………………….now this is where you want to quit.  Your mind starts telling you…”you don’t need this,”  “ you must need a break”  “ you can make up these miles tomorrow”…………………………instead I always tell myself give it 20 minutes…………….the good part of an out and back is if you give it 20 minutes you end up with a 40 minute run ( crawl, hobble, hop, walk, hike)

The trail was quite beautiful in a woodsy sort of way.  I had a handful of wild strawberries which nourished my mind as I contemplated how most of the world doesn’t know what a strawberry REALLY tastes like.  I was also distracted by looking for chanterelle mushrooms along the trail.  I’m quite a forager!

At 20 minutes I had improved only slightly, but I said another 20 minutes…… the 5 km mark ( 32 minutes of hike/run) suddenly I was able to run a full 2 km without needing a walk……… the turn around I felt great and legs were not tight.   My time sucked but Tuesdays a recovery run for me anyway.   On the way back I settled into a nice medium pace and cruised back.

I must admit I was thrilled to see the car!  At first I was berating myself for my poor run.  Then I realized that I did a 22 km run even though I really didn’t want to.  I realized that my running discipline was on auto pilot and probably this run was better for me (mentally) then a “good” run would have been.  Training the body to push past the minds complaints is a huge part of the Ultra runners arsenal.  Some say it is more important than the physical.

On the 125 km run in July there will be many times my mind says “STOP!”………………………Im back in Toronto now.  I have hill training tomorrow. Its Canada day so I ll take the day off from work.

Im looking forward to my next run!




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