Training injuries……………….18 days out

12 07 2010

So here i am.  I have trained for about 18 monthes now.  It s 18 days left before the eve of the Death Race.  Dont know if im happy or sad.   Since january this year i have lived and breathed this race.  Almost everything i did had to factor into my training schedule.

I had to get my body from being able to struggle through a 415 marathon last summer to being able to knock off a Marathon distance every sunday and sometimes the Saturday also.  i clocked a 340 Marathon distance a few weeks ago without even trying.  Ive run frequent 50 minute 10km runs and even a PR of 46 minutes 4 weeks ago.

Ive run so many hill repeats i cant even fathom it.  As a result of injuries ive done alot of swimming.  ive hammered my core to the point that last week 9 and today after i type this) i pounded 1000 reps of Ab work at the gym……………………i dont feel quite ready.  nfortunately last saturday i had severe knee pain while running a 45 km and had to walk in the last 15 km.  I took 4 days off but didnt treat it very seriously and lugged a bunch of boxes around, swam etc…………..on my 30 km run this saturday i had the same type of sharp stabbing pain under the knee cap!  What the hell is that?   I have never had knee pain.  I take Ocean nutritions Omega 3 from fish religously in huge doses!………….so now what?

well at this point in the program i cant really get much more fit then i am.  i can lose some though.  So i will focus on what i can control which is diet and core strength.  Im going to hammer the core and upper body now.  im going to try and lay off the legs.  i ll test the knee on a 5 km tredmill run but even if it doesnt hurt i think i should stay off it.  i dont want to get only 20 km into the Death Race and have that kind of knee pain.  

Dont get me wrong.  i dont mind a bit of pain.  i expect plenty on this run.  Real pain.  intence mental suffering. However if this pain occurs early i will go from running a hard race to try and achieve my goal of 18 hours to barley surviving to finish under the cut off.  Why?  Well its difficult to run with a knife shoved under your knee cap……….kind of makes you limp a bit!

So im packed now.  My lists are checked off.  Im off to do functions in other parts of ontario the rest of the week and then fly to chicago for a week.  then home for a day and off to NB for a few then finally home a day or two and off to Grand Cache Alberta to attack this monster called Death Race.

stay tuned to see updates and results here as i attempt to post in real time video and pictures of the race from the course.

wish me luck!




2 responses

22 07 2010
Donna Joyce Carrigan

a 17 mora haiku to celebrate you:

running chef Stefan
you truly inspire many
to cook and to run

also! creativity: a tool to overcome adversity. and you have heaps of it.

22 07 2010

Thank you my dear………………..there are so many inspiring people in the world………i choose to source and draw from them instead of getting caught up in the negativity of those who would tear me down

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