Packing……….Death Race 4 days

27 07 2010

scroll to bottom for video link

Here i go!  I have written and revised packing lists several times since about may 1st.  After my 50 Mile Sulphur Springs run with 4 transitions i learned alot.  I also learned that if you arent organized you waste ALOT of time….i was 10 hours and 8 minutes to finish with only 9 hours and 25 of running time!  So each leg is bagged seperately and labeled.  I also have ONLY what i need and exactly that.  Nutrition and hydration are not choises left to the mind which will start to play tricks after about 3.5 hours…………..i have a plan based on my calorie output of 12500-14000 for the race and i am going to take in about 10000.  I wont think about it, ill just eat when scheduled.

seeing as im flying i have all mandatory equipment in a carry on and the first time in my life i ll be wearing jeans and a back up pair of runners on a business class flight!  lol……….oh how we can change!

Ive triple confirmed my accomidations, i have back up everything…………i have laminated maps and check lists……..i guess im ready.

Its been a tough few weeks.  With my injuries keeping me from maintaining a schedule to properly taper.  the good thing is i have never felt so strong and rested!  if the knee holds i am really going to give this hell!

A brief explanation of the course.

Starting gun or cow bell at 800AM sharp.

Leg 1

19 km a fairly easy run in a quad track beside the road, a bit of asphalt and some non technical trails through the forest.   no climbs Im going to take this slow.  i could chew this up in 1 hour 20 minutes but im going to take about 2 hours 10 minutes.  The first leg is not a place to get competitive on a hundred plus km course

Leg 2

27 km  A tough leg……the most technical and muddy, rocky…….2 creek crossings and many sudden drop offs….not to mention a 5000 foot climb up grande Cache mountain….im going to stick to my pace and keep the heart rate as low as possible….thinking around 4 hours 30 minutes.  i could definately do this one faster but id be in trouble later

Leg 3

19 km Fairly easy and fast.  some pavement and dirt road.  wet in areas……no climbs, mostly down hill.  this is where i have to watch myself, if im feeling good here i could do this in 1 hour 40 minutes BUT im not going to.  im looking at 2 hours 30 minutes so im ready for the toughest part

Leg 4

38 km….by far the toughest.  At this point in the race you ll have muscle fatigue no matter who you are.  Dirt trail and hard pack.  A wicked climb and decent twice…5000 feet of elevation change will smash the Quads into a quivering mess.  If the knees bad here it will be phenominal pain.  My original plan was 6 hours but i an honestly say i dont have a clue……i am going to give it about 85% of what ive got in the tank………….if im feeling good i will make up time here. if im suffering bad i ll just focus on survival.  My plan is darkness will fall when i start down the mountain… plan….

Leg 5

Hells Gate!  22km……it will be night………single track trail and hard pack.  Up hill of 800 feet will feel like a mountain.  Completely black out…  there is a river crossing at about 5 km by boat.  this is where you need the coin they give you at the start to “pay the ferry man!”……………..i hear there are roots and stumps for the fianl 10 km and its a bit tough.  Doubt if ill notice by then.  I ll point my nose to home and go through whatever to get there…………

125 KM  Sub 18 hours

so thats the plan.  I have already explained WHY in the previous posting………..if you have never run a distance before or continued to do a physical activity long after you were fatigued then i wont be able to capture this in words for you.  i urge you to tune into the video in a few days.  i will carry the camera and candidly capture the elation and agony that is sure to be heading my way….then i will explain WHY again…………..until then  July 31st/2010…….my 45th birthday will surely be one i remeber forever.




3 responses

28 07 2010

Now I feel prepared if you laminated the maps and schedule for me! Happy 45th! Let ‘er rip! I’ll buy you a DR bandana tomorrow 🙂

28 07 2010

Very cool. everything laminated!

29 07 2010
Linda Snair

All the best Stefan in your run!! Happy 45th Birthday too from good ole Nova Scotia!!

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