Death Race Update

1 08 2010

Stefan woke up this morning focused and determined to push as hard as possible to finish the Death Race in the 18 hours. At start time for the first time in weeks his knee was pain free. Stefan completed the first leg of 19 km 10 minutes ahead of time. He took 7 minutes in transition time to change gear and get some nutrition. On the second leg with a continuous climb of 3100 feet and a decent of 33000 feet his knee pain started and increased causing him to hike rather than run the second part of leg 2. He finished leg 2   1.5 hours behind his schedule, but well ahead the cut off time. Leg 3 became intolerable to run. The knee pain escalated quickly causing nausea and vomiting, which did not stop him from continuing to run the course. He completed leg 3 of 27 km with another elevation gain of 500 feet and a total elevation change of 6000ft 45seconds before the cut off time. Stefan went on to leg 4 and at this point his knee would no longer bend, and he had to drag his leg rather than step on it. With a pain level of 9 out of 10 causing constant vomiting he had to take the hard decision between 1.approaching leg 4 through the night with a major injury at a point at which his chiropractor warned him that his knee would only get destroyed beyond repair and case him an inability to run in the future and 2.continue to race for as long as he could go. His crew team on sight and in Toronto strongly advised for him to stop racing, therefore Stefan took the rational decision to pull himself out of the race. It was an incredibly hard decision to take, but it was the right decision for a man who lives to run. He is extremely sad about this unfortunate injury as otherwise he felt great. Stefan will be back at work on Monday and taking a few well deserved days off toward the end of next week. He will follow up with a blog, pictures and video next weekend.

He is thanking everyone that has supported him and encouraged him on this long training journey.




3 responses

1 08 2010

you are a star

2 08 2010

so true 🙂

2 08 2010

Stefan, I thought about you all weekend. You are definitely a star and I know this will only motivate you to run some more!

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