Omega 3

12 08 2010

I have covered this topic in the past but thought id post a short video from Ocean Nutritions CEO Robert Orr.  Robert is an expert on Omega 3 and also takes an interest in sports and athletic performance so i taped a bit of an interview with him.   I ll add some scietific data later but the bottom line is this.

To have an Anti inflamatory benefit you need to get your omega 3’s from a Sea source NOT a land based source.  Obviously Flax and walnuts are awesome healthy foods to eat and i do eat both in large quantities.  Fish oil is the best source of omega 3’s as it is the type of omega 3 your brain is made up of and which your body readily absorbs.

Where the Omega 3 comes from is also of paramount importance.  You want the oil to come from small fish like anchovies and sardines as with small fish they grow relatively quickly and therefore havent accumulated any or many toxins in comparrison with large fish.  I only buy suppliments with the Meg 3 ( smiling fish) logo as i know that ONC’s patented double encapsulation method allows the capsule to remain intact until it reaches the small intestine as opposed to releasing in the stomach and creating an oily fishy taste later in reflux!!!!!!!!




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