Death Race 2011…………..the run continues

1 12 2010



Well i have been “off” for the past 12 weeks with running 50-70 km a week and not much gym time.   Now my crazy work schedule will ease up to a “normal” 40-50 hour week i will start training in earnest again.  My real training schedule will start first week of January so between now and then i will start to get my long sunday runs up over 30 km.

my training plan and diet will get posted weekly starting January.  I will give updates on my progress towards the goal of my first 100 mile race in May at sulphur Springs where i ran 50 miles last year.  Then i will use that base to focus on specific training for the challanging and extremely “hilly” run in Grande Cache Alberta in July where i MUST conquor the Death Race at any and all costs as it has haunted my thoughts daily since having to quit at 72 km last year with a bad knee injury.  The knee injury took over 10 weeks to heal and even today is still just in the back ground waiting for me to make a “mistake”.

Stay tuned!




2 responses

30 12 2010
Trevor Somerville

I cant wait for 2011 to see how everyone does. I wont be running more then a relay this year if I go because I’m training for a different sport now, but the thought of coming up short last year in the solo still haunts me.

I will be back to complete it one day.

– Trevor S

31 12 2010

I hear you on being haunted…..doesnt sit well with me so back i go!

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