Training to Train

5 12 2010

Its difficult for me not to get carried away in training and run to much or too fast.   Last year i know while preparing for Death Race i “over trained” some weeks and as a result was injuried and burnt out often.   This year i am sticking exactly to the schedule and the speed of each race.  I also vow to get more sleep and to eat better.

Now i am training to have a good starting base come first week of January when the real training starts!  Today is 25 weeks away from Sulphur Springs 100 miler which i registered for yesterday!  The thought of a 100 mile run is a bit over whelming especially when i know what i felt like after the 50 miler last year!

Yesterday we ( Patrick and I) went out to do a test run on the loop!  Sulphur Springs is a 20.5 km loop in the forest of Ancaster, near Hamilton.   It was an awesome day at minus 3 C and sunny.  We were lost a bit and speant some time studying the map but had a great run in the forest….saw 7 deer in total.  Beautiful day.

Today i ran up to the Running Room and met the “herd”………..i knew i needed to watch my Ego with all of those strong runners.   We went out at 4:45/km which is too fast for me this time of year……..after 3 km we were averaging 5:03 and i decided that id drop back.   I was scheduled for a 5:45/km pace and i promised to run “scientifically” this year, not emotionally!  It was hard to let the herd go on without me,,,  after a few minutes Patrick also dropped back and we ran together at 5:35 pace for the 18km.  

It felt great and we arrived back all within a few minutes of each other.

Victor, who is a very cool guy, and very fit runner/triathlete bought us all Chocolate milk and we all talked, dreamed, schemed and bull shitted fgor a while.  Great group.  I realize i take my cooking skills for granted and decided today that in the new Year i will do some Gourmet/Nutritional cuisine course for the group.  Nutirtious food doesnt need to taste or look bad!!!

All in all a great day.

So training this week will be

Sunday ( today)                   20km

monday                                   off

tuesday                                   12 km at 5:00 pace

wed                                       bike 10 km, run 15 minutes tredmill at 15% incline, swim 1 km

thursday                                15 km at 5:32 pace, weights, maybe swim

friday                                   off or swim and weights

Sat                                         10 km at 5:45 pace

This will be similar with a couple more kms each week until first Sunday of January where i will launch into a training schedule which i will post each month here as well as my nutrition and recipes.  Often recipes are found on my food site at   

Today after the run home and the chocolate milk i immediately consummed a can of sardines.  Some experts scoff at canned sardines but i really think they have what i need after a long run.  150 calories with 17 g of protien!!!  They are extremely high in omega 3 fatty acids with 1g!!  Also high in Vit D and potassium and calcium.  They also contain about 240mg of sodium which is about 7% of my daily requirement ( on a long run day).  So i find them a super post run recovery snack!  One of the few canned foods i eat in the world.  These are Brunswick Sardines in Lemon!  Obviously a better choice would be to get down to the fish market and buy FRESH Sardines and grill those bad boys with olive oil…finish with capers and lemon with thyme and sea salt!  That would be like Rocket Fuel for the body!




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