Running Cold

7 12 2010

No matter how much i mentally prepare, winter sneaks up on my training quickly.   I wear the right clothes and feel like im ready but i am always shocked at how cold it feels!

If you run all fall and continue through the winter, experiance tells me that the winter doesnt seem as harsh, but sitting here at my desk typing this i have to really brace myself to get out for my run and its only minus 5C!!!  in a few weeks i will run in minus 15C………….thats my limit.  Below minus 15C i dont run outside anymore.   My sister Ava and i had some runs a few years ago at minus 20 to 25C.  I caught Pneumonia once on a wet 32km run at minus 32C………..i was cold for a week!

The thing about running in the cold is to really dress in layers.  you can always remove a layer.  Wear a hat!   Gloves are great as if you feel hot and remove only the gloves it cools you down.  I think people forget to hydrate in cold weather.  I watch my hydration by recording what i drink each run with the temperature and the speed of my run so i understand my hydration needs.

Make sure your sneakers are dry from the run prior as starting with damp or wet feet will make you cold very fast.

Start slower so your muscles can warmup and watch your footing.  I have YAK TRAXs to help prevent slipping on those icy runs but i normally dont wear them. 

Well ive delayed things long enough, so now i guess i have to go and run.  think ill bike a while downstairs first to warmup and then get out there and get it done.

one of my biggest motivators is past knowledge.  I know what ever hardships i endure today i will be greatfull for on race day.  The more i do today, the less painfull the “event” will be later.

that being said   LETS GO running in the snow!




3 responses

7 12 2010
Michael Wentz

I have a better idea … move somewhere warm! I just realized I shouldnt be commenting since I might be looking at chicago soon!

7 12 2010

lol…..yes thats an option for sure…..someday, but for now i ll tough it out in the cold!

7 12 2010

Chicago is exactly the same COLD on the lake but even windier then TO!

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