Spicy Kailan

7 12 2010

More and more often i am asked about what to eat while training, and have finally decided to more regularly document what i eat.   I dont plan on posting a tonne of recipes on two sites so for the actual recipes you will need to click on the http://www.culinarydesignsolutions.wordpress.com  link.

I am a very obsessive individual and it has served me well in that i have gathered every scrap of information possible while training the past several years.  I know what the temperature was on any given training day, heart rate, pace, what i wore, how i felt, and recently what i ate before and after a run.

I am seeing a VERY clear and direct correlation to what i eat and how it affects my training.  What i am seeing  is not just the importance and effect of the PRE run meal but the POST run snack.   I can see a direct correlation with  what i consume in the first minutes ( 30) after a run has a profound effect on my next training session and my recovery from the workout i just had.

i will start to publish the foods into various categories and hopefully showcase not only how what we eat can have a great effect on our fitness levels but also it can taste really great and be made simpily as well.

Below is some information on KALE and Broccoli as well as a great recipe for a side dish!  remember you need to click over to the http;//www.culinarydesignsolutions.wordpress.com site for the recipe which also contains the nutritional information.

The recipe contains a lot of Iron for increased oxygen carrying capabilities.  tumeric as an anti oxident, Orange Juice for Potassium and glycogen, honey for glycogen etc……………

Bon Appetite

Chinese Kale


 Sometimes called Chinese broccoli or Kailan, or Gai Lan is similar to broccoli but I find it to be sweeter and more flavourful.  It is and maintains a much greener color when cooked and is higher in iron then most other green vegetables.

  It is extremely high in calcium, iron, beta carotene ( carotenoids ), vitamin K,  vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamin A.

  It can be substituted in any dish calling for broccoli.

Kales are considered to be a highly nutritious vegetable with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Plants from the Brassicas family, and primarily Kale contain sulforaphane which is believed by many doctors and nutritionists to have potent anti cancer properties

.It is  also a source of indole-3-carbinol, a chemical which boosts DNA repair in cells and appears to block the growth of cancer cells. Researchers suggest the ability of I3C and genistein to boost the amount of BRCA proteins  which could explain their protective effects.

Like all vegetables the nutrient benefits are greatly reduced by over cooking and especially by BOILING.  Gentler methods of cooking for these green vegetables such as steaming, stir frying and microwaving are preferred methods of cooking.

As a Chef and someone with a busy life style I prefer to BLANCH my vegetables prior to when they are needed.   So I may BLANCH 5-6 portions to have them microwave ready in advance and store them air tight in the refrigerator thereby making them more accessible when I want them. 

BLANCHING is a technique whereby an item ( usually a vegetable) is placed in boiling liquid ( usually water) for a brief period to ‘de-nature” it and make it more palatable.  After removing from the Boiling water they are quickly plunged into Ice water to arrest the cooking process and lock in the color flavor and nutrients.

   I personally do not eat a lot of raw vegetables and prefer to give them a quick blanch first

As a runner its obvious that these anti inflammatory properties  will be beneficial but what about the anti oxidants?   Any athlete whether professional or amateur creates a lot of “free radicals” in the blood stream from the repetitive training.  Anti Oxidants assist in the reduction of these radicals.

Iron is necessary to help carry oxygen in the blood so it has an obvious positive effect.  Broccoli and kale are high in fiber and provide a good source of carbohydrates.

In this particular case I am eating the Kailan for its anti inflamatory and  anti oxidant properties  and its  iron compounds.

Spicy Kai Lan is a great side dish or main course when combined with rice or as a healthy snack

Recipe follows





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