Resolutions! Commitment

31 12 2010

Here we go again.  New Years Eve.    Another tic on the old clock!     I dont really enjoy the actual New Years Eve.  For years i worked in busy restaurants ( which i actually enjoyed) and then came a few trys of parties, events, etc.  I actually prefer a nice house party of which i was invited this year but am not going.  Instead im going to Nota Bene ( 180 Queen Street) with Chef david Lee.  looking forward to it.   I seldom eat out while im home in Toronto due to the fact that i eat out 100 plus days a year on the road.  But this isnt what im here to talk about……………………………………im here to discuss how to set a goal and achieve it.  Today and tonight more people then ever will make a resolution…a deal with them selves…………most will fail to fulfill that goal and most of those people in a few short hours or days after making it.  Why?   Next week will be the busiest week for gym registrations in North America…….easy money as the majority of people will quit in a very short time.  Why?

Why is because we ( North Americans mostly but the human race) are looking for the Quick Fix.  The fast solution…the drive through cure.  There isnt any quick fix…no instant gratification.  Most things in live are achieved by a continuious unrelating pursuit of a goal.  Small steps forward in a measured and calculated effort.   I personally believe there is no excuse ( except for single parents of young children) for not having time to excercise.  we make the time.  It must become a priority.  All it requires is a bit of planning and organization and the goal must be SMART!

You have to  think SMART  , Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-related.  

So what is the Specific Goal ?  Mine is to complete the Canadian death RAce in 18 hours!   Measurable as i have statistics of the race and my running performance for the past couple years.  Achievable because i already run at a faster pace and have seen the course and know how to train for it. Relevant because i am an ultra marathon runner and Time related as the date is the last weekend in july.

I took alot of flack from some other Death Racers as i want to complete the run in 18 hours.  Just to complete the distance is a huge undertaking and i do not slight anyone or the race because my goal is time specific.  i just know that if i set a lesser goal without a huge time committment i may slack off in my training.  i also make my intention public, not because i am narsacistic but because i need to have it out there so i will work harder not to “fail”.

A few tricks i have for making sure i dont skip a training session ( besides being totally obsessive compulsive) is to make a schedule each weekend for the upcoming week.  i check with my wife as to her schedule also so i know if i have any other responsabilities and then adjust accordingly.  i make the schedule realistic.  i dont try and cram a 2 hour run into a slot which is only 2.25 hours as i know with stretching cool down and shower i will need at least 3 hours!

I lay my clothes out the night before a morning run so i get up and get dressed automatically without an excuse of looking for something.  I meet other runners on some challanging runs and tell them i will be there so i am forced to showup.

I track my progress in a log as it excites me to see in black and white the accumulated miles.  I read inspirational material like Canadian Running Magazine or Trail runner, the night before long runs.  I frequently go to You Tube and watch inspiring videos like “Running on the Sun”

If you are joining a Gym, dont go nuts the first week with trying to do 2 hour hard core sessions and 6 days a week.  Try and get there at least 3 times the first week and just do a simple circuit of training.  Get used to being there.  Not overly complicated excercises.  the secound week ramp it up a bit.  Maybe 5 days and a bit more intensity.  get a personal trainer for two weeks and make a commitment on when you will meet them there.  it helps.  If the trainer is some kind of wing nut who has you standing on one foot on a ball juggling in the first two weeks FIRE THEM!  Do not make your training complicated.  the first two weeks are to get you used to going to the gym.  you should see minimal improvements to your fitness level.  You shouldnt be very sore as this will turn you off.  If you are sore slow down!  After the two weeks you can set a schedule and some realistic goals for your self.  The first 3 weeks you may gain wieght as the added activities make you hungry but you havent yet affected your metabolism.  give it time!  Its like a sling shot…slowly drawn back and then it springs forward quickly.  If you dont see fitness gains or better body fat compsition in three weeks then talk to a professional.  Write down what you eat for a week and look at what items are high fat and sugar and try cutting them out slowly.

Your new life should make you happy not miserable!

So before you make a Resolution while imbibing heavily in the fun juice tonight…consider it carefully.  Is it SMART…………and then go for it. 

You have one life ( that i know of) and it is yours to make with it exactly as you desire.  No excuses.  We cannot control other people, places or things.  We do not know what tomorrow will bring so do today what you can.

You can control your own destiney.

The only place you will find success before work is in the dictionary.  but the work doesnt have to be work!  It can be your thing!  Your private pleasure.  Sweating it out at the gym can be about the future goal not the present discomfort.

Now its time for cross training which i do not look forward to BUT i look forward to it making me a better runner who may remain injury free as a result!

Christmas 2008 i wieghed 102 kgs and was tired all the time.  Today i wiegh 88 kgs ( 2 kgs from christmas eating!  :() and have limitless energy!




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