1 01 2011

So……a bit too much celebratory cheer!  It’s not a Happy New Year this morning……….Yuk.  Not cool…what to do?

First answer is “don’t drink so much!”  too late for that?  Next time drink more water during the party process……ok too late for that to!

Why are you Hung Over other than the fact that while dancing on the bar you were gulping back jagermiester shots!?!

Alcohol is a severe dehydrator!  So first of all get some water in you.  Dont gulp down big glasses but sip some.  you probably need 500 ml or so over and hour.  Depending how bad you are you should get out of bed for an hour and sip some water then try and go back to sleep.  Sleep is the best cure.  Allowing your body to HEAL.  But it needs to rehydrate!  During your party process your liver was busy breaking ethanol down with the aid of enzymes produced in your  liver cells. This severely  impaired your liver’s ability to supply glucose to tissues, in particular to the brain. Glucose is responsible for the brain’s energy and the lack thereof results in fatigue, nausea,  weakness, moodiness in ability to concentrate.

Also the cheaper and/or darker the booze the more congeners are present.  These are more present in less refined alcohol.  These congeners such as tannins and acetone increase the effects of dehydration.

The common mistakes are coffee!  Caffine will increase the effects of the hangover.  Cigerettes,….if you are a smoker and were out drinking all night you probably already have nicotien poisoning so try and limit your smoking!  Asperine is a blood thinner and quite dangerous as you already thinned your blood enough last night.  Tylenol and Ibprofine are damaging to the over worked liver.

Electrolyte replacement drinks will help considerably as your body is dehydrated and all the vitamins and minerals are low. Vitamin C is great but acid in citrus fruits can irritate the already unstable stomach!

bananas contain a lot of potassium so see if you can manage one of those.

So my plan.  When you first wake up, get your sorry ass out of bed.  drink at least 500 ml of water and shove a banana down your throat over a 1 hour period.  Go back to bed for at least 2 hours and repeat process.  At one point a shower may make you at least look more human and thereby reduce your low self-image and start to feel better.

For the strongest of heart go get some exercise.  get a sweat on.  If you can do so without throwing up and hydrate really well, you will speed up your recovery.

Now for me!  I didn’t drink alcohol last night so im off to the gym and a nice brunch!

Happy New Year




One response

2 01 2011
Joan Czapalay

This is awesome advice, Stefan . I just had cider so am doing fine today, but know from past experience that there is no cure but time, as you have said, to get the alcohol out of the system.
As for the exercise, your previous advice to have clothes and shoes ready by the door is what helps me most to get going for my walk every day.
Happy New Year!

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