Week 22 training

5 01 2011


So here we go again.  Training started Sunday for the 100 mile Sulphur Springs run may 28th. That is in 22 weeks!!!  Its funny getting my schedule this week and see that im going to actually run less mileage this week then in my off season! lol………….but i know better than to scoff.   I have a heavy gym schedule in this part of training and as the mileage increases up up up towards 175 km a week at my peak in April, my gym time decreases, down down down…………………….Im thrilled to be back with a schedule.  i do better with a structure then just doing what i want to.   My diet routine gets strict now as i will drop 5 kg in the next 10 weeks as well.

so this week

Sunday                20 km trails   slow

monday             OFF

Tuesday             Bike 10 km, tred mill 2 km slow, outside 8 km tempo, gym core 30 minutes, swim 500 meters

wed                    Bike 20 km, tred mill 15% x 15 minute challange, core 45 minutes, swim 1 km

Thursday        tred mill 2km slow, hill repeats x 8 for 8 km, core 20 minutes

Friday            Bike 20 km, , core 45 minutes, swim 500 m, evening walk 6 km??

Saturday     Trail Run faster pace for 16 km

weekly total mileage   =  58 km!




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