20 weeks out training plan

11 01 2011

It’s now 20 weeks out from the 100 mile race in Sulphur Springs.  I am not sure why but i have always thought about this race as a 100 miles.  A long ways for sure but it didn’t really scare me.  Then the other day a friend says to me ” man 100 miles…….4 marathons back to back!”   I thought in a sudden panic! ” Holy shit” that s crazy!  What did i sign up for!?

I know how i feel when finished running a marathon.  I know how i feel when finished running 2 marathons ( very tired and EXTREMELY sore in case you couldn’t guess), i have run as much as 2.1 Marathons.    hmmmmmmm 4 Marathons.  Well i really dont think i will dwell on that now. 

ike anything in life it’s all in the planning.  Say you want to save some money for something….like $10,000.00!  Thats a lot of money (for some of us).  you can’t come up with it in a week, or a month or perhaps even in a year or  years………………BUT if you devise a plan and work backwards from the time you would like to have that money and calculate the weekly savings you need it is achievable if you stay the course.   Well ultra running is a bit like that.   You work out a scientific approach to the training based on your current fitness level and life style and work backwards to develop a plan.  ( he says with a bit of nervous hesitation! lol)

this week was a bit different due to a longer trail run on saturday so we started the week light

Sunday      slow and easy 16 km

monday     off

Tuesday        warmup 2 km, then 9 hill repeats on a 450 meter incline of 12% grade. and cool down for a total of 10.3 km, then gym for 30 minutes of upper body work and stretching

Wed       heavy Gym, with 10 km bike warmup, 1 our of core and lower leg strengthening, and finish with a 1 km swim at fastest pace possible without drowning myself or others

Thursday    warmup for 2 km and then an 8 km tempo run  hard!  cool down, 100 push ups, 100 situps

Friday          Bike 20 km, weights 45 minutes, swim 1 km

Saturday     trail run for 18 km




2 responses

11 01 2011
Michael Wentz

At the end of the CDR I realized that I didn’t run 125k but rather I ran 5 separate races (equal to 5 legs). I never thought of the next leg until I finished the first leg. As soon as I would finish one leg it was done and out of my mind. Really interesting how the mind works in these situations…it’s a mechanism by which the mind copes with the distance. pretty cool.

12 01 2011

Indeed. As you can see my mileage is extremely light this year starting. I discovered i couldnt handle the high mileage for such an extended period like last year with several monthes at over 100 km a week. I will be ramping up agressively now with 8-10% mileage increase per week to peak at 170 km on the first week of May then a taper, a brief rest after May 28th for the 100 mile event and then a ramp back up towards 150 km for early july to taper back for Death Race.

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