14 01 2011

Our mind is out to get us!  

 I love to run and to train, but there is a small part of my brain that tries’s to dissuade sometimes before and during a really hard workout! 

All kinds of little excuses and reasons why not to begin or sometimes continue seemingly pop into my brain as if those thought bubbles from cartoons!  After years of dealing with these I can overcome them 99.99999% of the time, but sometimes they can be so persuasive!

My friend says, “I have never been upset with myself for training, but I always am if I skip it”   he says a lot of cool things anyway like “nothing tastes as good as fit feels” Anyway he’s a whole other story with years and years of dedicated training and at 50 looks 35 with a body that most 35 year olds couldn’t dream of having!

Back to dealing with our subconscious!

I love hill training.  I am sure non runners say “what in the hell is wrong with the guy outside who is running up and down that big hill repeatedly!”  Lol……I don’t know why I love it but man its satisfying to push past the discomfort and get up that hill!  BUT, the days I have hill training I find myself postponing and dilly dallying around before going.  I guess it’s because I know its going to hurt!  My mind is trying its best from preventing me to go.  Little thoughts drift through in nano seconds which I counter and eliminate but they still try. 

 Like these…………..

“Its cold outside and you haven’t been feeling well.”

“Didn’t your friend Michael warn you about the dangers of hill running for knee injuries?”

“You had a knee issue last time right after hill training”

“There’s plenty of time for hill training in the spring”

 “You have a lot of work today and hills will leave you drained!”

These little thoughts are fairly easy to eliminate.  So then im dressed and out the door.  Warm-up isn’t going well and maybe the brain says….

”today’s not such a good day, so maybe just a light jog and hills another day”

The first hill and the lungs explode out of the chest!

“Remember in Michael’s book he suggests walking up hills and running down”

“Maybe 10 repeats is too many, perhaps 5 today, plus this hill is pretty steep so maybe it counts for more”

Then at hill number 7 with lungs screaming and legs quivering!……………

”10 hills, hmmmmm on the route home I have to go up another huge hill does that mean I do 9 here plus the one on the way home”

These thoughts are always easily suppressed by me but I have a lot of experience to draw on.  It made me think of those people starting out and how difficult it is to beat these thoughts back.

I have many motivational tools to deal with these but mostly I just have a lot of gratitude.  I am so grateful to be active compared to the once self-destructive life I led.  Grateful to have legs and am able to run.

When I get thoughts like these I do the opposite.  Last week when I thought about stopping one hill early I ran an extra hill to spite the sub conscious!  When I feel like slowing down and walking I run faster for 1 km so im grateful to run back at the original pace etc.

But the most important tool I have to deal with this is the ability to concentrate on only the immediate task.   I don’t need to think about 10 hills……I only need to think about the current hill and getting to the top of it.  Like in the rest of life, if we study the entirety of any task it can be too great.  Too overwhelming.  Break it up into parts.

Get dressed and get outside.  Make a deal with yourself to run 10 minutes and if you still don’t feel up for it you can go back home………….this is great because once you are dressed and out its doubtful you will turn back at 10 minutes  and if you do you got in 20 minutes of exercise!

Run one hill and once you get to the top, turn around and jog back down slowly…chances are you will feel great on the way down and turn around for another!

Most of all remind yourself that you are taking care of your self.  Giving yourself a treat….you aren’t punishing yourself.  This isn’t a task!  It’s a pleasure.

Organize your clothes the night before and make a schedule.  Then get at it!

Afterwards try and remember the sense of accomplishment it gives you.

Ok now I have to go Bike 20 km, run 15 minutes at 15% incline on treadmill, hit core for 30 minutes and then swim for 1 km!    Only little voice I hear today is Hoo rah!  Let’s go!

 A little hill running video from Cabos….man that was soooo nice!

Seeing as i seem to have lost the ability to imbed the link you need to copy and paste this url into the google task bar……sorry!   Also its not a serious video, just a fun run in the hills of mexico




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14 01 2011
Michael Wentz


You are a beast! I can only hope to have the same stamina at your age. I believe I put this quote on the CDR FB page awhile back but I will say it again.

There is no stopping or starting; only doing.

I think of this every time I think if I should be doing something or not. I think of this phrase and just do it.

Lastly, I like that your thinking of me … when you punishing your body! Lol.


14 01 2011

Ha………………my age? What are you saying Michael? lol…………….i hear you. its all good. Glad you made the move to Chi town. Hope to dee you in the next couple monthes. One of my favorite restaurants is AVEC…be sure to go early as it gets packed and have the flat bread with truffle oil….holy crap i can taste it now!

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