19 weeks out

16 01 2011


So its still pretty easy.  I should be happy i guess as in a few more weeks training will take over almost every free moment of my life but for some reason it feels way to light.    We have a new approach this year.  last year i ran as many miles as i could stand but at a slow speed.    This year only Sunday will be slow ( its all relative) and the rest of the week SPECIFIC.   I have a lot more gym time as i want to have an iron core, and to be as fit all round as possible so i only need to worry about legs and mind.

So heres this coming week

Sunday ( today at minus 20C)           16 km slow

Monday                                                        off

Tuesday                                                    2 km warmup, 10 hill repeats on an 800 m route climbing 200 feet, 2 km cool down

Wed                                                            bike 15 km hard, run tred mill at 15 % for 15 minutes or until puking, swim 1 km                                                               core and upper body 1 hour

Tursday                                                    2 km warm, 12km at tempo pace ( 80% max HR) 2 km cool, gym 45 min, swim 500 M

Friday                                                    bike 15 km hard, run tred mill for 15 minutes easy , swim 1 km                                                               core and upper body 1 hour

Saturday                                               21 km on the Marquis du Sade ( the hilliest course in TO with 22oo feet of elevation change)

Thats it for this week.   Think ill post my menu as well next up




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