18 weeks remaining

23 01 2011


So here we go.  training will start to feel a bit more serious as we get up past the 70km/week mark.  A long way from peak at 170km!        Feeling great.  Nutrition is doing much better and i can see the progress with weight lose down to 88 kgs again and Body Fat at 15%…………long way to go there too but its progress.    Im not complaining about the low weekly mileage as i am focusing extra time on core and it is also freaking cold out there with temperature dipping to minus 33C ! today!!!!!!!!!!!

So heres the week

Sunday Jan 23rd…………….slow pace 18 km

Monday                                        OFF

Tuesday at a hard pace with HR hitting 95%  11 hills with 14 kms

Wed               hard core workout for 1 hour, Bike 20 km, swim 1 km, vertical challange with a 15 minute run at 15% on tredmill!

Thursday      Tempo pace ( 4:55/km) for 15 km, gym for 45 minutes

Friday            Bike 10 km, Core 45 minutes, Swim 1 km

Saturday       Trail run at tempo pace for 25 km

This looks fun

Daily Caloric intake between 2200 and 3000 depending.  Mainstay for diet will be vegetable based with 3 servings of fish and 1 poultry and 1 meat this week.   Alot of berries and sweet potatoes




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